Our way of approach is founded on an evidence-based premise that has historically demonstrated that -- if we do not heal, by a choice to live in a way that is true to our body and mind, we inevitably are forced to.

What this simply means is that we need to live in a way that is not self abusive in any way. Even simpler, it is to say that we need to live in a way that is truly kind and harmonious to our body in full and that if we do not, the body will eventually show us. On this note, and carried forth by the underlying premise that humanity needs to heal and not just carry-on as if we can do anything regardless of what it actually does to our body, Universal Medicine has stood to provide a complementary array of techniques and ways-of-being that help get through the otherwise onslaught of how human life is societally ill led. 

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Along with a series of workshops that are themed on the teachings of the ‘Livingness’, Universal Medicine presents a series of courses that are designed to bring the essence of our human nature back into the fore. The courses are based on the Esoteric Healing Arts and Sciences. The key is not necessarily to make or convert someone into being a ‘practitioner’, but to restore the fact that we can live with simple self and family healing tools that actually assist us in getting through life’s very difficult distresses. In addition, and by virtue of the art and sciences that make up the vastness that constitutes Esoteric Healing, there is also very much there to enthral those seeking a path as a practitioner.

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Universal Medicine has sought from inception to remain true to the esoteric it is based on. This is not because we are dogged, stubborn or controlled or influenced by any ideal or belief, but because we are committed to the energetic truths of life. This is not an easy stand to take from the point of view that few understand the energetic truths let alone the meaning of the term itself. Regardless, and under the premise of Energetic Truth, we have sought to remain true to the true meaning of the words we use. Again, this is not so easy, especially when the passage of un-discerned time has brought about new meanings to certain key words. In affect, their true meaning has been changed and or just plainly bastardised by those who have used erroneous if not very limited and or ignorant methods to derive at their posture. Take for instance the word ‘occult’. There is no way that Universal Medicine is involved in any of the usual behaviours, hearsay, weird and or ‘evil’ practises that are commonly referred to as being from the occult under the understanding if not misleading information that has been attached to that word.

In its true meaning the word ‘occult’ defines the nature of God and the sciences and energetic laws that abound His Logoic life. The nature of God is first and foremost love, and from there all is based. And hence, the usual ‘rituals’, and other weird and or macabre practises that have been labelled, erroneously so, as being ‘occult’, are not in-truth occult at all. The question should be more directed as to why we have the bastardisations on a word that so defines and gives greater understanding to and of God rather than accuse all and sundry by an utter error.

It is not for Universal Medicine/its authors to make the time to explain why certain key words have been so bastardised; like the word esoteric, whose entry in most dictionaries is likewise distorted to say the least. It is however our right to state that we use these words in their true meaning. To label Universal Medicine by one’s limited knowledge and thus the imposition of whatever error comes with that, is of course the right of the individual exercising his or her right to do so. We hold no judgment. That said, and for the purpose of clarity, we have provided a small collection of certain key words we feel deserve the right to be given the opportunity to be seen in their true and correct meaning … meanings we use and trust you will respect.

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