Science of Symbolism

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‘Symbolism, be it the design of our observations of nature, ornaments, vessels or our attempts to represent communication, has been part of the human experience since it began to record its own interactivity – from pottery and insignias to hieroglyphics, characters, letters, animation and beyond. We cannot escape the factor of symbolism and likewise its ceaseless interchange. Our systems of life depend on them and our commerce is littered with its unavoidable emblematic presence.

But symbolism is also a science, an ancient science and a Divine one at that. The Science of Symbolism awakens us into the fact of multidimensional intelligence: communication that broadens and deepens our true capacity for knowledge.’ ~ Serge Benhayon

In this staging Serge Benhayon offers a series of presentations on the meaning of the science and the art of its practical application.

“There are many forms of communication and symbolism is the language that communicates them all,
and all those we have yet to communicate.”

~ Serge Benhayon


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