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This site is based on a simple and eternal Esoteric Principle:

The esoteric principle is that we are fiery-love – innately and, unchangeably. The principles of the esoteric way of life date back to the oldest forms of knowledge, an energetic living form of knowledge that is based on certain Sciences and Energetic Laws that are derived from the Ageless Wisdom. Whilst ancient in their heritage, the principles of the esoteric life in human form have not out-dated themselves in relation to what is required of mankind to live in harmony and thus arrest any wayward conduct that does not build brotherhood within and amongst our communities everywhere.

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Before we get into the details and descriptions of this year’s message, and what it means, we must first and foremost understand that we live in and by an immutable order that details the fact that we cannot escape living in cycles.

If the reader is interested, the previous two New Year's Messages clearly define the fact of the cycles we inescapably live in. In particular, they have left their indelible revelations for us all to draw from for many cycles to come.

If we are to draw from the two previously communicated messages it is very clear that there is no doubt of the fact that we live in one gigantic static, an endless movement that goes nowhere but around and around returning to the same spot, year after year. Echoed once more -- we are endlessly moving around in circles, or more precisely, we are on an elliptical trajectory that is eternal. Fact, and therefore, end of story.

In effect, we are no different to a goldfish in a goldfish bowl.
The goldfish in a goldfish bowl (or tank) can move around and swim for thousands of kilometres in its lifetime. But no matter at what interval one chooses to examine or compute the distance moved, or the ‘time’ spent moving, the goldfish has not left the bowl, it has not truly travelled anywhere, it has just moved around its bowl. And although this example could be charged as leaning towards and hence favouring the notion being presented, the same applies if the goldfish were to be in the wild, that is, in any pond, lake or alike, for they too belong to the same gigantic ‘goldfish bowl’ we all unavoidably belong to.