Esoteric Practitioners Association
The EPA is a branch of Universal Medicine that was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the development and assessment of practitioners who practise the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine.
Universal Healing Symbols Logo  Universal Healing Symbols
- impressed by Serge Benhayon
  The Lighthouse UK
- Bed & Breakfast, Wellbeing & Conference Centre in Frome, Somerset

  Feather Light Productions
- everyday healing for everyone
   Glorious Music
- is a record label producing music of the highest energetic integrity and quality
   UniMed Brisbane pty ltd
- the Universal Medicine Satelite in Brisbane

  Harmony in Movement
- Exercise Support, Chronic Disease and Injury Rehabilitation
Sara Williams - Spherical Living - London  Spherical Living
- Esoteric Chakra-puncture and Healing ~ LONDON

  Indre Harmoni
- Eva Rygg - Klinikk for Esoterisk Terapi - Oslo, Norway
Sounds Wonderful - Chris James  Sounds Wonderful
- experience the power of sound with Chris James
  Rebecca Baldwin Websites / Emanation Media
- Web Design and Development, Hosting and Domain Names
   Complete iT Services
- Remote Computer Support

  Fiery Service
Interviews by Gayle Cue with Esoteric Students

  Dr Anne Malatt 
 Eye Specialist, Eye Surgeon, Ophthalmologist
- Laser Tattoo Removal and Laser Skin Treatments
Complementary Compound Services logo  Complementary Compounding Services
- Customised Medication 

  The Soulful Doctor
- Eunice J Minford, Consultant Surgeon and Esoteric Practitioner, Ireland


  Evolve Dental Healing - for Healing on every level
Dr Rachel Hall, 67 Kenmore Road, Kenmore Qld 4069
Bridging Foods  Bridging Foods 
... an introduction to gluten, wheat, dairy and yeast free eating. Available in all good bookstores in Australia and New Zealand.

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