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New Year's Message 2022

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As the New Year’s Message for 2019 explicated – cyclic living helps us understand the quality and offering of existence. Cyclic living has a language, and it is found in periodic recurring quantity.’ The central principle of this teaching and its unavoidable science thereof being the factor of recurrence. And why is the feature of repetition so crucial to keep mentioning? Repetition, in the name and in the sense of the true meaning of the word ‘evolution’ is judiciously essential if not imperative due to the mass of refutation. Or, put simply like so: the magnitude of effort (drive), knowledge (lies), ownership (regulation) and entitlement (reward) that is relied upon to dismiss the factor of Soul and spirit as two completely opposite forms of being human can only be lovingly addressed (healed/corrected) by the nature of recurring (cyclic) circumstance. For example, drop the ‘how many xyz does it take to change a light bulb’ and insert …

a.   How many wars, arguments, debates and basic rivalry and or differences does it take to realise that any form of unfriendliness or disagreement elicits and energetically embeds the poison of disharmony? (‘Peace is momentary. Harmony is eternal.’ ~Serge Benhayon ca. 1999)

b.   How many cases of domicile abuse, and I include shouting, squabble and any form of denigration, does it take to call a world stopping armistice on any behaviour that is one speck less than authentic love > where every person is not just safe and free of abuse but loved and nurtured as we all equally deserve?  

c.   How many rates of illness, disease and ill-mental health does it take to stop and question whether there is far more to being human than the current anthropological interpretation has accounted for? 

And that is just the mere tip of the rapidly melting iceberg.

New Year's Message 2021

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What's in a Cycle

Welcome to the ‘New Year’s Message’. 

This particular series of communications has comprised of a very basic use of numerology and revelation. Though rudimentary, yes, the science does not hold or cater for any insubstantial contribution because neither of the two disciplines provides less than the whole each originates from. There is therefore advance even at its most basic transmission. That said and in further respect, the ‘New Year’s Message’ is also part of a corpus of periodic (yearly) presentations. And while each stands on their own with regard to the presented content, it is the whole and the nature of the specific set of definitions that one must not discount when reading and evaluating the presentation.  

The following is inspired from what has already been penned. Enjoy. 

Our most recent entry saw the 2020 New Year’s Message present on the ‘factor of cycles’. What should be of interest to every human being is why we are taught, trained and hence attuned to live in lineal-based sensibility when in fact we cannot exist free of cyclical movement. As I have shared and written on numerous occasions: 

What does not complete will re-occur to complete. And what completes will shift to embrace the preordained augmentation. And therein is the revelation of why the current human model fails to correct at the level of prevention with regard to what can be attributed to the word ‘malaise’. 

A straight line cannot be a circle. Of course, if the straight line bends enough to form sequence such that the assumed end point returns to its starting mark then it is that the once straight line becomes round due to the returning nature of its pathway. The parable is in the fact that it is not that a straight line has to bend to form a circle or that it should bend at all but that it was never truly straight to begin with because no undertaking, I repeat, no undertaking, is free of cyclic movement. Add into the parable’s disclosure the fact that the central significance of any cyclical movement is the factor of recurrency, and you will soon conclude with a definitive on why it is that Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility are key foundations for all interactions. 

Consider, outside of our great management skills and proficiencies, curative and ameliorating as they successfully are, the element of sickness, exhaustion, unease, dissatisfaction, constant tension and the fact that discontentment drives the unceasing thirst for entertainment and distraction. Are any of these global daily torments linked with living what is impossible to live i.e., living absent of cyclic receptivity by instead focussing on life moving lineally forward when it does not? 

No one can be blamed for assuming or even insisting that our path through life is ‘straight and narrow’. That’s our trained perception. Accordingly, and the question is asked free of critique, is it likely that we are holding incorrect primary emphasis such that we are living what cannot be lived? The answer here rests in further examination. As I posed in late 2014: 

Could the inordinate rise in illness and disease across the globe have some connection to the fact that -- our way of life and all that that means is not being lived cyclically?

Could the roots of our illnesses, and particularly our ill mental health, have a connection or rather a genesis in the fact that we are not adjusting our way of being so that psychologically we understand that we are living in a manner that is designed for us to experience all that we need to in order to evolve by making wiser choices? 

Is it possible that it is un-healthy to live lineally? 

As made very clear, the questions are not dictatorial in any way. Instead, they are posited for you to be able to consider for yourself what is not generally if rarely asked of you to ruminate.  

And so, the words ‘what’s in a cycle’, viewed as a question of life, translate to the subject of repetition. 

Life, human life, is recurrent. Our many interactions, despite the seeming different characters and or subject matters discussed or attended to, are structures of recurrency. Very few people opt to admit the fact, but no circle of movement is left (moved on from) until it completes. And the word ‘complete’ or ‘completes’ is not and cannot be governed or controlled by any human intervention, demand, imagination, arrogance or rule. Put simply: the greater order we all belong to determines the type of cycle you are on and the type you will move on to next by the manner of the responsiveness that completed the previous stretch … when in fact it completes by the measure of what offered to advance and not by our assessments. Therefore, there is much more to a cycle than its recurrent trail. 

Could it be that the factor of recurrence indicates that it is the nature of movement within and with respect to a particular class of responsiveness that determines whether the element of completion reaches completion or not? If this were so, we do not move on or move away from the presented trail (offered pathway of expanded realisation) until the offered advance or set of enhancements becomes mastered (realised) in some way. 

For some, that is, for those who know the fact that the cyclic trajectory is not merely the act of recurrency but one of attentive responsiveness, it is a trained alertness to know that you do not move on from any matter by the movement of reaction. Reject what is in front of you with respect to the order’s offer to align, harmonise and advance, and much longer will be the recurring pathway thereafter; but free of the same offering, it will not be.

We can kick, scream, deny, challenge, disobey and or ignore as much as we like but it will not alter the fact that we belong to a greater order that supersedes (over commands) whatever depth of ignorance and or vigour of arrogance we can contrive. We simply belong and cannot but belong to a greater environment of co-existence. The fact that we have not made the fact our primary emphasis is part of a greater revelation not particularly assigned to these periodic presentations.    

All in all, and as you can clearly gather, the over commanding aspect referred to is neither autocratic nor imposing; rather, it is loving of all equally. Eventually we all are sanctified uniformly. It is therefore never a question of challenge or of disbelief or belief but a relationship with sensibilities that require sense and sensitivity along with appreciation and ever unfolding sagacity with respect to what in-truth is offered and what is directed and driven to deter.

New Year's Message 2020


The factor of cycles

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While we are not anywhere near the awakened state of who we truly are there is some worth in having a point farther and deeper than we can grasp, to, at the very least, offer hope and affirmation that there is something greater than the milieu of our unstable existence. Few will argue this position has not worked to some good effect. However, in this particular offer of hope, comfort and splendour, we omit to include and by that we consequently fail to understand that it is inevitable for each of us to awaken to greater levels of awareness. The awakening is in-truth a re-awakening. And this is because there is a re-attainment and with it a grander form of wisdom, love and intellect we are all unavoidably progressing back to being. 

New Year's Message 2019


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The science of cycles or cyclic living helps us understand the quality and offering of existence. Cyclic living has a language and it is found in periodic recurring quantity. There are certain sensitivities by which and from which we can ascertain the required details of each cycle. These forms of access and sensitivities vary. The easiest manner to access and understand what is on offer is found in the language of Esoteric Numerology. While the latter approach deals with single digit numbers, i.e. from 1 to 9, it is important to not forget that each number is representing a recurring cycle. However, it is not just that cycles are periodically recurrent, there is the occurrence of a form of expansion that is also regular as it is responsive to the overall rhythm that founds the entire movement of space.

With the understanding that each cycle is really only the one recurrent Song or movement, we move on to understand why it is that the one movement produces and details itself as it repeats until such occasion when it returns to its beginning, the one cyclic movement. Much of this knowledge is acquired from other sensitivities, as mentioned. Respectfully, this message will retain the intended simplicity and as such the communication will be expressed via the science of Esoteric Numerology.

New Year's Message 2018



A new year’s offering begins with its numerological contribution. And customarily this is what this site has brought with its New Year’s messages. 2018 brings its numerological donation as follows:

2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 

1 + 1 = 2

2018 is the numerological cycle year of 2

The Science of numbers reveal the quality of existence; they reveal the quality that is influencing and establishing the reality that will be experienced. From Occult Numerology we get the formula that describes what composes reality: 1 + 1 = 1. This year’s message will expand on this ancient science. 

What is the origin of our reality?

New Year's Message 2017


An in-part extract from the book ‘all of us’, the third in the trilogy ‘Time, Space and all of us’, Copyright © Serge Benhayon, author. UniMed Publishing 2014. 

A new dawning has begun. Esoteric Numerology places the year 2017 as the energy or cycle of the number 1. 

2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

The energy or cycle of 1 is well known to mean a new beginning. And that is always the basis of the value of 1 in terms of the endless cycles that keep returning to the one they all originate from.

We are all in such cycles; no one is free of them. But, in addition to the fact that it is always an offering of a new beginning, the number 1 also signifies a furthering or a deepening of all that is already there given that there is in-truth no new beginning as all was there in the beginning, in whole, and complete in its Divine inception.

Therefore, as we have a relationship to the cycles, the cycles also have their potency, responsibility and, accordingly, the transliteration or communication thereof. In this case we are dealing with the reflection of the number 1. But this 1 is not the first ever 1 or first ever cycle we have entered. Consequently, we may be experiencing the one-millionth 1 or even many times more. Thus, it is not truly fresh or new or an unknown we are entering into but an offering of what is next that is innate or rather deepening or new compared to what has not yet been released.

The key here is in the word release, which means that which already is and therefore it is not actually to begin anew.

New Year's Message 2016


Before we get into the details and descriptions of this year’s message, and what it means, we must first and foremost understand that we live in and by an immutable order that details the fact that we cannot escape living in cycles.

If the reader is interested, the previous two New Year's Messages clearly define the fact of the cycles we inescapably live in. In particular, they have left their indelible revelations for us all to draw from for many cycles to come.

If we are to draw from the two previously communicated messages it is very clear that there is no doubt of the fact that we live in one gigantic static, an endless movement that goes nowhere but around and around returning to the same spot, year after year. Echoed once more -- we are endlessly moving around in circles, or more precisely, we are on an elliptical trajectory that is eternal. Fact, and therefore, end of story.

In effect, we are no different to a goldfish in a goldfish bowl.
The goldfish in a goldfish bowl (or tank) can move around and swim for thousands of kilometres in its lifetime. But no matter at what interval one chooses to examine or compute the distance moved, or the ‘time’ spent moving, the goldfish has not left the bowl, it has not truly travelled anywhere, it has just moved around its bowl. And although this example could be charged as leaning towards and hence favouring the notion being presented, the same applies if the goldfish were to be in the wild, that is, in any pond, lake or alike, for they too belong to the same gigantic ‘goldfish bowl’ we all unavoidably belong to.

New Year's Message 2015

New Year’s Message 2015

We cannot begin this New Year Message without referencing the previous communication, which, when understood, will clearly define the cyclical nature of human life and the manner and way of being that governs our entire life, whether we like it or not. And this is precisely why this topic and its factors are being presented, for we have a long way to go to making what is true our reality once again.

But before we unfold this message and it beginning with questions that advance the reality of our mechanistic movements and the energetic meanings and as such the energetic effects they bring to every aspect of human life, we are to dedicate a small preamble that will highlight an obvious that for some may not be so obvious.

Since inauguration we have called these communications the ‘New Year’s Message’. However, it is very clear from the knowledge, wisdom and the information presented that the author is well aware that there is no real ‘new year’ rather that it is in fact just another round of the mechanistic cycle we unalterably belong to. This is obvious from what is written in all our ‘New Year Messages’ given that they clearly describe the cyclical nature of life and as such there is no real new anything only an opportunity to make true and sustain what one chooses is loving and wise in one’s life or to not repeat what one does not want as part of the merry-go-round. Yes, since 1999 the author has been presenting on the facts of our evolutionary reality and the energetic consequences these have over every aspect of our lives.

New Year’s Message 2014

New Year’s Message for 2014

The revelation of why we live in cycles

Many use the ‘New Year’ period or fixture as a time to reflect. That reflection can be casual, one that remarks or quips about the year past and the one to come or, it can be a deep consideration that leaves one truly contemplating what has occurred and what has not.

Whether it is a casual glance, a light consideration or a deep reflection, there is usually a varying degree of renouncing what one would not like for the year ahead, which is then followed or countered by an utterance that avows a new way forward. This usually entails the letting go of something that one has identified was not right as well as the sounding out of a wish for a better, more prosperous and or healthier year ahead.

Whatever it is for each person, whether the consideration is light or deep, the influencing circumstance of experiencing what we deem as an ending period instigates an age-old practice that has the human being reflecting on the period that was, and in counter or likeness, what the ensuing period could be.

New Year’s Message 2013

Dear Students of the Livingness,

Each New Year's message remains active by virtue of its revelations and teachings. That said, all of our past New Year’s messages along with the Livingness Messages are there for study and hence application as one can grasp and make such revelations and Energetic Laws their living way. It is for each and every student to make use of what is on offer as they so choose. And, if the Ageless Wisdom is not to your liking, click on the X, switch it off, close the book, stop reading and walk away and find whatever you choose is right for you. If it is all made up – then let it be the hogwash or the lies you deem it to be. Criticising it will only reveal that it has touched areas you do not want touched.

If you choose to continue --
Enjoy this year’s New Year Message.

From the forever student,
Serge Benhayon

New Year’s Message 2013

This New Year’s message begins under the auguries of Esoteric Numerology to help further unfold the fact and importance of the new era we have commenced. Those sensitive to the energetic out-plays of life and to world events may find some correlations in these words. This message will then orientate towards the subject of well-being … note the use of the hyphen to help accentuate what the term and or word truly signifies in its application as a desirable outcome and in its ‘livingness’ by way of activity, consistently sustained.

Let’s begin …

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