The Way of The Livingness

‘The Religion of the Soul on earth’

‘The Way of The Livingness Series’
(The Livingness Series)

To all students/online members

We are again offering an Audio Series for the year 2020 in the same fashion and format as we have in previous years. Under the online title ‘The Way of The Livingness Series’ the religious teachings from the Ageless Wisdom will continue.

The Livingness Series presents the religious way, aspects and principles of the Ageless Wisdom. Though this has always been the precept of all that Universal Medicine (UM) has presented, this series will continue to further establish the teachings that UM has stood for and, was founded by since late 1999.

In this series the word and Soul-full activity of religion will be presented in its original and energetic true meaning. And, no, no one is being asked to abandon their faith or beliefs or convert to anything. Under the true meaning of the word ‘religion’ we are in affect, religious by the fact of human life and how this realm of life actually works. In one-way or another, it is impossible to not have a relationship with anyone or anything. We cannot in-truth disentangle ourselves from anyone or anything by virtue of the fact that everything is energy. And hence, we are, by the unchangeable energetic factor itself, interwoven and universally linked to all human beings, all life. And thus, we are intrinsically inseparable. This simply means that you are in one way or another always in relationship to humanity or, if the real meaning of the word religion is understood, we are always in religion or are ‘religious’ by the very nature of human life.

We are all well aware of the word ‘religion’ from the many varying institutionalised versions, structures and the similar to varying versions of spirituality that have thus far proliferated in every aspect of human life. This series is not about challenging those beliefs or assertions. This series is simply a presentation of another aspect and or form of belief and or knowing that under the one God we are all entitled to have and express. Also, and for the curious, it is not a case of a ‘new religion’ as all that Universal Medicine has presented is religious by ancient lineage, philosophy, by absolute belief of God, by its philanthropy and thus by willingness to serve all under the One Divine Father in the unity this entails.

The tenets of The Way of The Livingness will unfold a possible living way that is already lived by many. For them, much benefit and change for the better has occurred as a result. The Livingness Series will simply present the religion and the religious aspects of the Ageless Wisdom in its modern forms under and with full respect of their ancient laws and truths.

We trust that you will find this series very enriching.
As a forever student, with love, and in Atmic service,

Serge Benhayon

The Way of The Livingness: the audio series – online study.

To date, the audio series has reached many, far and wide across our planet. We can say that the ‘presentations’ have been very well received by our students worldwide, and the participation rate is, as usual, very high … thank you for the response and support.

Note that we support the sharing of the audios with friends and family members etc … we ask only that it be used wisely and that the work be not on-taught, that is, used to teach by our students / subscribers  / listeners. We respect your choice to do this work as we respect your choice to not do it.


For those of you who may be reading this for the first time, it will be of use-full benefit to read the history of our Online Study Audio Series (further below). It will also serve the regular listener/subscriber to recap if not re-acquaint oneself with the purpose of our impress.

(Take note -- never is it ‘not serving’ to re-read true esoteric writings.)

Since 2007 Universal Medicine has made possible an online study of the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. The purpose behind this part of its service is to provide access to all equally. The online access will continue to provide this service so long as the call from the students is there.

Thus far and in its earlier delivery, we provided The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy and The Sutras of the Soul series known as The Science of the Soul. The presentations/teachings provided the living Esoteric and Occult Sciences in a way that made it easy to understand and comprehend their physical-world applications. In addition, the teachings this time around are deliberately relative to take into full account the energies of the New Era we are now fully upon. As a result, and designed by intent, the students can gain much from them and as such, the so-called ‘unseen’ and or the ‘mysterious’, no longer need to be assigned references along with the ‘too out-of-reach’, ‘too weird’ or ungraspable.

A further series presented a selection of the specific aspects of Esoteric Medicine. Note that the word ‘medicine’ is not used and has not been used to substitute or confuse the mainstream version. Said with respect and in full support of mainstream medicine. And thus, it has been made very clear that we use the word ‘medicine’, and not unlike we use most of our key words such as the word esoteric, in accordance to a certain lineage and its heritage. And that lineage and heritage belongs to the rich history of Egypt, Persia, the Pythagorean Greeks, the real Essenes, the true Cathars and all the way to the works of Helena P. Blavatsky (HPB) and Alice A. Bailey (AAB). The richness of the work continues as the predicted next impress that was to follow HPB and AAB. In its impress today, as presented by Universal Medicine, we see the expressions continue the ancient traditions of the one-unifying aspects of the Ageless Wisdom.

The teachings are very practical and much effort is made to deliver them in a language that is easy to understand whilst not wavering from the expression that is true to its energetic impress. The body of work that is thus far presented remains a living imprint of the many Energetic Laws and principles and the prophecies and revelations that will be studied in the forthcoming years and the many centuries to come. In this regard, the live recordings and or the text via the Books will be forever available for study as part of the live and on-going ‘Universal Medicine Library’. And hence, we will keep all the ‘distance education series’ on our website (shop) should any new student decide to take them on and or for those who are recipients of its healing and revelatory impress to pass them on to those who present as being ready.

For those who know our foundational impress, it was the practice of Esoteric Healing that drew all initial attention to the work by Serge that is today more widely known as Universal Medicine. (See about Universal Medicine / about Serge for further history). The attendance of all the early workshops and courses was purely based on the strength of the healing sessions and the results that so many were receiving and or had heard about. From there, the teachings, presentations, interviews and Books etc, etc took their respective place as they sit to-date. All that Universal Medicine teaches, presents and or delivers is geared to help you heal your self.

To move truly forward – we must self heal. And in that healing process, it is the spirit driving the human vehicle that is in deep need of healing.

In-truth, there is no other way forward. This is neither a threat nor the casting of any ideal or belief, but a living immutable energetic truth that has at its core the reality of how our bodies and mental state of being are in everyday life.

‘When one begins to seek the right, true and thus the highest form of medicine, the search will eventually get to the real meaning of the word; it is then that the one seeking will know they have a life of medicine to live’ ~ SB

‘Life itself is medicine’ ~ SB

‘If one understands the real meaning and purpose of human life, then one will know that - ‘medicine is life itself’ just as ‘life itself is medicine’. Under, and with that understanding, one will comprehend with ease the fact that – ‘all one does in human life, is either ‘good medicine’ or ‘bad medicine’, and, there is no middle ground’ ~ SB

The Online Study is therefore a service that provides a very personal experience … an experience that re-awakens and thus sets the student back on an aligned course. An ‘aligned course’ is a reference to the true purpose of human life – to return to the Divine Soul we are originally from. 

To this cause, its revelation and form of service, we continue to serve via our presentations, The Way of The Livingness series, as a subject, science and way of being.

The forever student,
Serge Benhayon

The Livingness Series is recorded before a live audience.

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