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This document is a part of the teachings of 'The Way of The Livingness'

 White Magic – Sutra 4

The truth about essence – Knowing your true essence

The essence of any being is determined by the quality of energy that pre-dominates their body of expression. In the accepted human sense, that is, in the un-awakened energetic state, the essence that is usually felt and thus connected and referred to, is the inner-light of the pranic-spirit.

In-truth of course, our true essence is the fiery-light of God that is deep within all of our 'expressing bodies'. We have separated from our truth for so long that, sadly, most do not get to feel their own inner-most essence and hence, what is usually connected to and thus experienced, is the essence of the inner-spirit, which is always pranic in every way.

In terms of understanding our driving force and that which we seek for inner-truth, this
distinguishing energetic truth is significant, for it reveals that the source we at times seek for guidance and or assurance, is the very source that is lost and responsible for our woes in the first place.
For the sake of a lost, separated and inner-fighting society - is this revelation not worth pursuing and thus investigating further?

In pursuit of energetic truth

According to the human psyche, which is in-truth the psyche of the human spirit, its essence is the body of its own pranic-light. It is believed and thus assumed that it is that place we feel deep within. We therefore erroneously assume that our true essence is a particular feeling that is most familiar to us and to no one else. In addition to this mistaken ill-perception, we somehow suspect that our deepest essence is ours and that someone else's is different.

In the pranic sense – it is by all means true that the essence of one spirit is different to another's. This is true because each spirit seeks self-identification, since it has separated from its original fiery-source and therefore, in its vacant emptiness, which is an aching truth it tries to avoid, it attaches to whatever outer source it is fed that identifies it and thus makes it belong. Hence, we end up with an ill-society where one's essence, or the essence of one group, is different to all others. In utter absurdity, whilst this is very real and true in the spiritual pranic-sense, it is not in the 'soulful way of being' where the essence of one's soul is exactly the same in every single way to that of another and thus all others. With this energetic truth in mind - why do we allow it to be so painfully wrong?

If we accept and thus allow such a society to be built by imposed spiritual ideals and beliefs, those which come from a mental-source outside our true inner-most loving essence, we end up with a
society where one man can be pitted against another. This can easily occur if the 'driving belief' – which is desperately needed for identification and belonging, and one which ridiculously has
come from an outer-source that serves to identify the seeking and lost spirit – is challenged and or threatened against what that spirit believes it needs for belonging and thus survival. Is this not what Religion, Nationalism and Culture have done to our planet for as long as they have been around? – Ponder on this.

What is precisely revealed here is that the essence of the spirit – which is the 'pranic body of light' that separated from the soul to have an individuated existence – has, in its own way of separative thinking and acting, created a false-essence that defines itself, which is different by nature to another. Whilst this is true in its emotional state and in its separative thinking form, that is, the way in which one spirit's essence will think compared to another's, it is not true by energetic truth, if the quality of the essence is what is truly measured. In other words, the essence of each human spirit, regardless of the Religion, Nationality and Culture they belong to, is and will always be – pranic.

In very stark and revealing contrast – the essence of each and every soul is – fiery.

What does this all actually mean?

It means that the accumulated or sum total way of being that is particular to each and every single spirit that is acting as a human being will compose for that human being a unique form of acting and thinking, which is in-truth a conglomerate accumulation of its own separative ways. This means that its own form of thinking and acting is different to another because it thinks it is different and thus acts as if it is so. Hence, in that ill-form or pranic way of being, the spirit within feels its own body and thinking to be unique to itself and thus its essence, which is the accumulation of emotional and thus pranic-imprints that are stored in its 'body of expression', will be for that spiritual human being what they feel and believe is their unique make up.

By energetic truth, what the spirit calls its 'essence', is in-truth nothing more than what it has attracted and created for itself under its own illusion that it is separate to all other beings. Therefore, the
separation feeds the separation.

What is here being precisely revealed is that – the essence of each and every human spirit, and thus every single human being that acts and thinks from their spirit, is pranic by the nature of its own separative ways, and whilst it may, under its own glamour think, believe and act differently to another or many others, all of its expressions are ill-impulsed from a pranic source.

Most importantly – that 'pranic source' does not come naturally from the spirit itself, but instead it is what is fed to the spirit as it chooses to identify and associate with whatever 'outer source' it has needingly accepted and thus chosen as its identity.

In the practical sense this means that if we raise a child to be a Buddhist, a Catholic, or a Jew etc, we are most erroneously and utterly deceivingly allowing an innocent and free thinking 'body of love' to accept, recognise, believe and thus act in what we have put into it, without once allowing the
natural free essence that is innocently within to express and thus unfold in its own nature. We do the same under the glamour of Nationality and its so-called culture.

If God is love, and considering the devastating truth of what Religion, Nationality and Culture has actually done to us all, how did we allow this very separative and ill mechanism to makes us what we are naturally not?

Why do we need these divisive so-called pillars of society and country to construct, from young, an otherwise natural and all loving Son of God?

How and why have we allowed a man-made authority to dictate life in a world that clearly
demonstrates love, order and rhythm in every way other than the way in which we show it back? Does not nature clearly display and live by certain rhythms that produce its own natural cycles that we, as a human race, have almost in every case interfered with?

Where does this imposing arrogance come from?

How does the right to impose on nature and natural form arise?

Where and how do we get the thinking right to believe and thus act in this separative and hence very ill way of being, that has historically and is currently showing us that it has not worked, and – if true thinking is allowed – will not ever work, unless the ill-thinking and ill-structure changes.

In sum – one can rightfully assume that, when all the prana is taken away, it is our fiery-essence that we are left with. And whilst this is true in the pure energetic sense, that is, that our original
fiery-essence is that which maketh one so, we must understand that, as a 'body of expression' on the Earthly Plane, we actually create our essence. This means that we choose which essence we will come from to express all that we are. Is the essence you allow and thus choose to express from –
pranic or fiery?

As an expressing unit of life, one that requires a source of energy in every single form of expression – whether it be in thought, speech or movement – our essence is that which we allow to impulse us in every way. Therefore, one's essence can be of and from love, and another's essence can be of and from a devastation or a loss, or a deep sadness. This is rather significant, if we are to get to the truth of why human behaviour can be in some so naturally Divine and yet others so atrociously and utterly evil.

To live from our true and original essence
– Or to separate from it and create one for ourselves?

Since White Magic is the science of how energy actually moves in our 'body of expression', we can use its science to provide us with the knowledge of how separation, and thus evil, can take hold over an otherwise natural Divine 'body of expression'.

  1. The student of White Magic is the artist of light.
  2. A student of White Magic is the revealer of light.
  3. The student of White Magic understands life through expression, and thus he and she will know grace through fiery expression and evil through pranic-light.

The above three points identify the useful art and science of White Magic. It is imperative that we re-introduce White Magic into a world that has not only lost its grace and not only lost its inner-essence, but also has lost its sense of true speech and accuracy in expression.

When a society looses its sense of true speech, there is no semblance of what and where the essence is, and thus where one's essence comes from. In such a society, sadly, but most definitely, no true sense of truth can be found amongst its people. When the essence of one's beingness is lost, the expression of its light becomes that which is expressed without the essence in its conscious presence. If there is no conscious presence in one's way of being, there can be no truth in expression, since what is expressed is not in the awareness of the light that giveth one life.

If the student but follows what this entire Sutra presents, he and she will see that when the fiery-essence is lost, that is, when it is not connected to, for the fiery-essence cannot in-truth be lost, the expression will not consciously contain the impulses of where one's true beingness comes from, and therefore what is expressed will not contain the impulses of the essence that one is naturally and essentially made from. If true change is sought – is this not essential knowledge? Why is it not
commonly known and why does mankind not teach energetic truth before it teaches us maths and
science etc? Who stands to lose and which assemblies and so-called 'pillars of life' will be exposed, if energetic truth is truthfully taught to every child, who will then grow up to know it as it truly is?

This White Magic Sutra is revelatory, in the sense that an energetic truth here reveals the fact that there can be no truth in an expression, that does not first know its own natural pulse, and hence such an expression will not contain its truth, for it will not know its living inner-truth.

We can go on and on outlining these sequential energetic facts. The point is poignantly made
however, the outcomes of such a malaise are suffered by all of the people that live, or more
accurately said, exist in such a contracted society. What does this actually mean for the people of such a society? It means that those who live in such a lesser state of conglomerate contracted expression
will suffer in silence the ache of their lost essence. When this occurs in any one society, it creates a vacancy of truth, and thus the essence becomes lost and, as such, it is subconsciously looked for.

The latter, the subconscious search for one's essence, will lead some to find it, that is of course if it is in-truth looked for. Without its true presence however, the essence will not be, and sadly neither shall thee find one-self.

What is of great importance is the fact that, if the essence is vacant for a certain period of time, or worse still, for a long and extended period of lives and thus many lives, the subconscious search for truth becomes – a conscious desperate grab for anything that will sound like whatever that
desperation needs it to be.

This last sentence is the great revelation of our times - we are so desperately seeking truth, that we will hear the closest authority, teacher, guru, author or alike that stands to deliver whatever it is for them truth and, as such, we will align to that truth in hope, faith and in complete assumption that what is said, claimed and or taught will be the very truth we have all been searching for. Is this not what is pranicly happening all over the world today? Are we not being prolifically littered by so many new gurus, forms of enlightenment, new-age teachers, self-help and “creating success” books, courses, workshops and healing modalities that offer just about everything we so desperately need?

But how can one find truth if what is looked for is done so in the vacancy and in the ache of it not being there? Would it not create a need for it, that is greater than the discernment of whether it is in fact complete truth or not? Hence, the Glamour and Illusion that so prolifically prevails everywhere.

What is out there, that actually teaches you first the difference between prana and fire, so that true energetic integrity can be first known, before any search or path is tread upon? What organisation, assembly, teacher, or book, specifically and very clearly outlines the difference between the human-spirit and the fiery-soul, or the clear and very distinct difference between prana and fire?

If these most essential and most basic energetic fundamentals are not known and thus not clearly
presented – do they not then expose the true energetic quality of the source of information one is receiving and thus where it comes from? Does this not then allow the 'force of Illusion' to govern with prana over the glamour filled spiritualist, eager neophyte, the Maya stricken and or astral
seeker, and the mentally driven esoteric or occult student?

What is revealed thus far in this sutra is that, when man looses his or her essence, the disconnection to what is truth becomes greater, and what is of truth becomes lesser known as the separation to the essence is maintained. If that separation to one's essence continues for an extended period, that is, where one's true essence is vacant from expression for a significant amount of time, that covers most of one's life, the actual true and living essence is lost, and the incarnate develops a deep sense of loss where the essence of that way of being becomes the vacancy itself.

The above paragraph is an astonishing revelation. When the essence is lost, that is, when the true and living fiery-essence that comes from the living origin of life that breathed thee forth is disconnected and thus not felt, and hence not known in expression nor by experience due to the absence of its expression, the way of being that is left behind, one that is lesser than the true whole essence – or worse still completely void of it – becomes to that man or woman the only way of being, and thus their only form of essence, that is, what they feel deep within themselves, is – the pranic emptiness.

That 'emptiness', becomes their essence! Sadly, or abhorrently so, this creates a society which lives in desperation, and the ache and turmoil of such inner devastation eventually leads to the need for distraction, numbness and or revolt.

The pursuit of distraction

The distraction attracts the false light of Illusion – this is the mightiest evil of all. It is the direct instruct and impost from the Lords of Form. It is their strongest force and how they are able to
manipulate an entire plane of existence.

Why and how is this complete false light and insidious force so powerful over an otherwise Son of God? The Son of God has disconnected to the fact of who they truly are. That disconnection, clearly exposed and as described in this Sutra, creates a separation that, when it is not re-connected to, deceivingly and thus erroneously re-defines what one feels, instead of what they truly should feel within and thus about themselves. If this is sustained over a long period, the being knows not Thy Father, but the lesser light away from God's natural fiery-impulse.

Hence, and most disastrously so, the man and the woman who are in this totally ill way of being, know the essence of the Lords of Form as their way of being and as their way of truth. For them truth is a mental driven assessment and not in truth a clairsentient derived energetic impulse. This fact is the total opposite of what the Law of Correspondence is, defines, and stands to instruct and thus teach!

In this totally abhorrent state of beingness, the incarnate needs the ideal and the belief to keep them going, to instruct them in what they will do, to sustain what they stand for and to feed them back who they are. In every way, they are defined and recognised by whatever outer-source they choose to align to, and that becomes what they assume is who they are in everyway. They will then defend with pranic pride and do whatever is required to uphold their beliefs and ideals and thus pranic way of being, simply because without it, they will feel the utter devastation of their own ill-choice to separate from the very true and fiery-source they actually come from. In other words, they have to face the painful fact that they live from their head and thus lack true self-love in every way.

It is not the fiery-source they are afraid of, but the confronting truth of having to accept the ill-fact that they chose to separate, live emotionally driven and motivated, not deal with their emotional pain and that, in that separation, they have allowed the Illusion and Glamour to have a way with their own destructive Maya. Is this not the sum total of how the evil and thus all the suffering that we know can be allowed to exist and be in a world that should instead and otherwise be impulsed by the fiery-light of our Creator?

The essence of truth can be heard when there is energetic truth in any one word and
hence in the one in whom the fiery-essence is known;
the truth in speech shall be heard.


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