Book 3 - Extract

Consider that the New Year's message was not intended to expose the higher forms of emotional ills that come from one being in their mind or head about life. In our presentation, we have merely presented the key principle of a true foundation.

By all means, this presentation is significant, and it is a most important energetic exposé of the key differences that allows one to form a true foundation, and, one that can truly be attained and thus sustained as and which forms part of the teachings of 'The Way of The Livingness - The Religion of the Soul'. And hence, the presented discourse, which helps expose the major energetic differences between the illusion of ‘the heart’ and the true place of essence - the 'inner-heart'.

As for keeping and always promoting the student to be as astute as possible, it is for the reader/student to discern whether what is presented is of truth or not, as it is asked and expected of all the work, teachings and literature of Universal Medicine as an esoteric School of Energetic Truth.
Let the Law of Correspondence be our assessor.

In reference to the New Year's message and this reading, they are no more or less a presentation that may or will help those make a true choice. Specifically, we have not, for the sake of keeping in short, delved into the greater ills that are brought on by the living of life from the head simply because this is obvious. For those who choose to intellectualise, and thus live from their head and not from the inner-heart, the 'contracted ones', which make up the majority of our society, there is still for them, the discovery of 'the heart', let alone the fact that there is indeed an inner-heart, which contains the essence of their true being. In this case, should this reading awaken and or inspire a deeper thought, and or, a contemplative pause, then for them, it has served well.

In the case for the unfolding student, and, to assist the student of truth, the proceeding discourse is a presentation, which may inspire one to ponder deeper into their own unfoldment. Under the permission of UniMed Publishing, the publishing division of Universal Medicine, the following is an extract from the forthcoming third book – 'The Way of Initiations'


The Heart and the Inner-heart

There is a great calling amongst us all that we need love, that we need to love and that we must self-love. Whilst all these so-called 'callings' are true and correct there are a number of significant factors that we must closely look at if any truth is truly sought.

As students, energetic truth must always be sought if words and expressions are what we are to rely on as a bridging source to our inner-truth. Therefore, we must find what 'love' is in-truth and of course, what do we actually mean and what should we actually look to or feel into when we say 'our heart' or, 'my heart'.

Firstly, love is not any of those feelings or things we have been brought up to know and or expect. Our world clearly shows us that this has failed. The point is, why and how has 'that love' failed?

Love is simply a stillness. It is not a doing or trying. The movement of love occurs when we express or move with it - when we are in it to begin with. If there is no self-love, there can not be love in anything you do or say. No matter how much we think we can love, no matter how much we can 'romanticise' and or, 'benevolise' (make idealistically good) a word or an expression, it will not have love in it if there is no love, that is, SELF-LOVE, in the vessel that expresses it.

Love is a stillness means that love must be. It is a way of being not a doing and therefore, you are love when all is not sought, tried, or reached-out to. You can not self-love by doing anything! You can only be love, and if that is there, only then can you do something with love and hence only then, can there be love in anything that you do.

‘The heart’
When we refer to this, we rarely know what we are actually referring to. If one does not know the difference between the heart and the inner-heart one can not, does not, know true love. The heart is actually the place where the spirit and personality meet in total surrender. It is an egoic place, albeit a good start for those two separative expressions. In essence, the heart is a place where the spirit finally meets its truth. It is a place that ends the temporal ways, as 'the way', or, as 'the truth' according to the intellect. In true essence, the heart is but a mere stop to the pranic ways. It is just the beginning to a greater more profound, but natural fiery way of being.

The heart is a place of rest. It is a place to stop and contemplate what the mind has over-powered, over-influenced, and over-manipulated. The heart is but the door to your truth and therefore, it is not 'the place' nor is it 'the answer' to any dilemma, problem or woe, but the initiating of the truth behind the ills. The heart is essentially the end of the road for the ever identification seeking pranic spirit.

To rely on the heart is to rely on the highest plane of truth that does not have love. This is not true truth and, it is not love. And whilst this may serve the many that do have at least that, it is by no means 'the truth' nor is it 'the love' we so often erroneously think we have reached.

To come to one's heart is of great benefit, but this is only compared to everything else that stands outside of it. This is the great dilemma for many of the so-called 'benevolent ones' or the 'do-gooders'. They are motivated by it because they have found a place of peace and or rest and thus are stimulated to act in reaction to the constant motion they have otherwise been under. Not a bad 'thing' when compared to the pranic chaos, but nonetheless, it is not the true place of truth. Even the committed and diligent intellectual esoteric student also greatly falls for this last piece of illusion.

The beckoning question therefore becomes - where then is our place of truth? And, where is that place of true love?

To know the soul is to know the inner-heart
To know the inner-heart is to know one’s soul

The Inner-heart
Is it really just a matter of words? Is it really just a matter of placing the word or prefix 'inner' in front of the word heart and our solution is found? The point is, if we are to rely on grammar, dialogue and thus expression to communicate truth, in addition to how it must be truly expressed otherwise, we need to find the energetic truth in any meaning and therefore, if the energetic truth is known, so too will the words be expressed in accordance to that truth. Therefore, it is not a matter of mere semantics, but a true use of expression by those who know its light/energy and not its mere interpretation. Hence, the word or prefix 'inner' before the word 'inner-heart' is a very deliberate use of energetic truth, for in the inner-heart - all true love and thus all true truth is found.

The age old, and often relied upon quest such as - 'I have been trying to find the answers in my own heart' - is therefore, a misleading trick. It is an illusion. No true answers can be found there, only the highest form of the spirit's truth. And hence, what lies in the heart, will still be a pranic conscious truth and not the Divine truth that actually has love in it. The latter, the actual love and Divine truth we truly seek, is found in the inner-heart and not just on or in the heart.

The energetic difference between the two centres of light that are here presented is monumental if it is indeed that one seeks true love and true truth and hence the energetic freedom to know it so.

To relax, to be calm, and or to find bliss will all deliver one into their heart. This is illusion. In stark contrast and thus in energetic truth - to be truly still will deliver what is naturally deep within and thus the joy and harmony that naturally emanates from that inner place within. The bridging quality between the two places is the gentle breath that one can choose to breathe at the tip of their nose. Only the gentle breath can detach the world of constant motion and thus bridge one into the living world of the stillness.


As it is presented in the audios of each of the Arcane Project’s recordings, from the School of the Livingness, we must first choose to be gentle and thus choose the quality of breath that will breathe us. Then and only then can we actually begin to connect to the inner-heart where there is no gentleness, but the love, harmony, and joy that emanates from the living stillness – the femaleness of God.

'To find the inner-heart is to find the true self
Then and only then, can self be true'
- by Serge Benhayon and the Hierarchy