The New Year's Message for 2011

‘For those who have read our messages of past to present, the 2011 Message will be seen as a continuation of a long line of unfolding information that bears witness to twelve (12) years of accuracy on many subjects along with clear and precise esoteric forums from which to better understand personal unfoldments with and within the scope of life’s presenting dilemmas. Such information has provided the student/reader with the very effective energetic principle of observe and not absorb along with the fact that the only form of active self-healing is the quality of one’s own presence in all they do. In addition we have well presented on the subject of the heart and the inner-heart and which of the two is the place of the esoteric or the inner-most from which to express and make one’s life a life of fiery-truth. These and many more principles have over the years been given out in order to help those who are ready to prepare for the rapidly changing times. The list goes on. What one does with the teachings/information and how one hears or sees it, responds to it, or reserves full or partial elements of doubt or other is respectfully, and by right, always in the hands of the receiver. It is up to each and every individual to choose and or discern not only what is said and or written, but first and foremost, the entire energy it comes with … this latter point is ultimately crucial.

From late 1999, Universal Medicine began teaching the single most important tool of discernment, and that is to energetically discern in full what is being said, written or presented and not fall for words, titles, claims, lineage, appearances, reputations, traditions, hearsay or the recommendations of or from others who themselves have not fully discerned the true quality of the energetic impress they are advocating. We are by historical fact the first and only esoteric based outfit and school of esoteric philosophy and medicine that actually teaches how to discern what is of energetic truth before it presents itself and its teachings. Be fully aware and open to the fact that in a world where it can be unquestionably said that ‘everything is energy’, it makes absolute sense to know what is the energy that is behind any word, person, group, organisation, teaching or claim. We have all encountered the notion of knowing the intention behind any word or act but, we are seldom if ever told to seek the actual energy the literature, speeches, music etc come in and with before it is deemed to be of love or Divine quality, for only the latter truly serves and makes the changes the planet and its people truly need. And hence, the ultimate form of knowing the truth behind any word, speech, act and or anything for that matter, is the energy it is imprinted with. Think about it, how many have given speeches, said this or that, how many books or writings have you read where the views you seek are there, tantalising and appealing to the needs you need met, only to have the whole of it mean little if any truth in truly good and harmonious everlasting change for all. If everything is energy as indeed it is, we need to learn to know what energy is behind the words, the letters written, the music one hears, the vision you see etc etc etc. From day one we have taught this fact and, are to date, the only Hierarchical based organisation and school in the world that 1. has revealed the fact in full (five books and many lectures to-date) and 2. knowingly teaches the fact and how to apply it in full.

If one relies on words alone and or the so-called reputation or traditional background or lineage of the school or organisation they are receiving the literature/teaching/information from --- how does one truly discern if when they seek/read/listen etc, they are placing a need ahead of the energetic truth? Again -- how can anyone discern whether what they read or hear is the whole truth if their need can be satisfied by words they seek to hear or read? In other words, if the material received contains the words ‘love’, ‘God’, ‘esoteric’, ‘healing’, ‘peace’, ‘good’, some Vedic or alike phrases and or the name of a Master etc etc, does that make the material truthful or of any truth? Should the words read or heard not contain the right and true energy that precisely differentiates where the work, meanings and or consciousness actually comes from well over and above the written and or spoken word for it to be the actual truth? Anyone can write or say the right or needed to be heard/read words, but how does one know if those words come from one’s spirit or from one’s Soul? The energy between the two is intrinsically different and deeply varying in one’s body and mind when receiving it. And therefore, one will truly heal and the other will insidiously add to the woe under the notion or disguise that it is good, helping or clearing.

And hence, if your students know how to discern energetically, in a world that is entirely made of and from energy, there is no-where for the teacher, school or organisation to hide, deceive and or trick any one like so many do and can when one (student/seeker) is using their intellect to discern not knowing that the intellect/mind/head is very easily deceived/tricked if the spiritual being cannot discern the precise energetic differences between prana and fire. This especially concerns those who claim to have some or extensive knowledge, for they are more easily hooked or persuaded by the right word, language or names they seek when reading or listening. In this regard, and as we have done from inception, we offer all of our work to the Law of Correspondence and to those who can truly use clairsentience to know precisely the difference between what is astral and what is of Soul-full light (true fiery energy). Note well that the differences are not and will not ever be found in or through words and or intellectual opinions, but by and in the precise knowledge and wisdom of their energetic imprints.

On another point of revelation and of temporal clarity, our use of the word or term ‘student’ has always been its esoteric meaning and never has Universal Medicine taken for granted and or used such a word/term to demean anyone or place the teacher above. When it is all said and done, and seen for what it truly is in full, we are all students of an unfolding path that leads back to a point from which it all started. That is an occult revelation, a revelation the student may not yet be aware of in its full meaning, but nevertheless, the fact and, in and with respect of its immutability, the offering is made and hence, never is ‘the student’ seen or understood to be less than the point of final return they will one day reach and know in full who they are. It is from the final point that we bring our teachings forth, by purpose and with a temporal effort to help those restore in full what is already complete and awaiting permission to express in full. And thus, with the knowing of the energetic truths and hence, of the energetic facts, we say from the point of knowing who you truly are …

Dear students,

Since late1999 and, over the years, Universal Medicine has been providing detailed commentary on what exactly is going on. The ‘commentary’ has, with accuracy, provided predictions and explanations for many of the world events, societal issues and the personal unfoldments that were to be as a result for each and every individual. With a track record that is second to none in terms of energetic integrity and accuracy, Universal Medicine now stands at the forefront of what is for so many – a daily encounter with the temporal and spiritual turbulent times. Of course, and as predicted back in the year 2000, these are also amazingly joy-full times for those who have made effort, connection and ongoing adherences to the light of their Soul. In respect and by energetic fact, the latter is the only way forward from here given that the energy the world is under has changed so dramatically … have you not felt it? In short and to the revelatory point -- it has become less and less a time for any form of resistance to what is so very obvious all over the globe. In terms of resistance, one cannot ignore the un-ignorable, that is, that the majority of humanity is clearly moving into excessive behaviours to avoid the fact that there is more love than ever before. To the reading mind this may sound completely contradictive, but not so if one understands how energy and the spiritual development work. In living testimony, the growth of tattoos is no coincidence and nor is it a fad or trend but a clear sign that people are taking on whatever they can to stop themselves feeling all of who they are. Note well that – a tattoo is an open window for energy that is not you to enter and make its way/influence in you. This is an energetic fact that no amount of denial or ignorance can or will change. Of course, any true esoteric practitioner knows how to remove the direct effect of the energetic consequences, but in the end, it is for each and every individual to make it their life-long effort to remain clear of this direct effect given that they chose a permanent marker that is performed by another on one’s body and thus a life-long open window for another’s ways-of-being into their spleen/auric field … understand what you are here reading before judging or claiming it is a judgment, for it is not; the fact is, the energy of the tattooist remains as an energetic imprint on your body. And hence, this is not a judgment of them or of the receiver but an energetic fact that applies to all that we do. That said and thus revealingly, tattoos are not the only forms of resistance or, grab for the ‘old-life’ in an attempt to resist the fact that more love is available than ever before. The Hierarchy, led by the Christ in Buddha have delivered every bit and ounce of truth they have expressed since 1999 and all that was said beforehand has come to full fruition leading to that point where the Reappearance occurred in late 1999. Since the year 2000, when the Second Coming occurred, and thus the new Christ light upon the Earth was released, much has been changing and, ‘change’, in the form of an impulse for us to return to who we truly are, is, from that date and forever more, the way it is going to be until all choose to let go of what is not love and instead choose a life that is externally reflective of the inner-most fire (love) that is eternally alive, awaiting permission for full expression. If one were to not react and fully grasp if not attempt to sit with or contemplate what has been here read thus far, one will have before them much by way of explanation as to what has been taking place on a worldwide basis, specifically, in regards to the inordinate growth of illness and disease, the tale-telling weather patterns, Earth’s responses and the obvious ill behavioural manner that have most in excess denial and reaction to life’s truths … ’truths’ that cannot be ignored … Stop and ponder deeply on what is here said.

Having pondered on what has been thus far presented, consider most deeply that – if we were to remove that which has been brought to us from the outer, that is, the way in which we are raised from ideals and beliefs such as nationality, culture and, the many varying forms of religion, we are all energetically the same. In simpler terms – if we remove the ‘outer’ we are all the same. That ‘same’ is love. Can the world not see that nothing has ever worked but love? Why espouse or preach tolerance for example, when love is the only form of unification that is eternal?

Make love the leading purpose and the basis of all,
and much will change for the true and ever lasting good.

The human race has extensively tried everything else and, what cannot be ignored is the fact that human history is a testimony of everything that is not love in clear and irrefutable contrast to that which is or has been true love. And with such overwhelming evidence, a historically long line of clear and undeniable evidence of war-mongering, killing, raping, paedophilia and religious and or nationalistic bickering not to mention the micro versions of that lovelessness as in domestic violence down to the very personal and individualised versions of constant self-abuse through drugs, alcohol and food that cannot be denied or cast aside, and thus --- why not make love the only self-purpose and thus the only outward purpose in life?

With a monumental list of irrefutable historically long evidence of how not being love or loving results in suffering, cruelty, misery and the grand illusion of ‘doing good’ that does not work because it is void of true love -----

should we not then make it all about love and nothing but love from this point onward?

You see, if the world behaves in a way that produces true forms of a harmonious life then let’s endorse those forms but, if the behaviour does not produce harmony and true love, let’s be open and more honest about the behaviours. If illness and disease are on the rise and rise, if violence is escalating and not declining, if more extreme behaviour is on the increase and, if the planet is showing us such unsettling weather patterns and all of it is taking place in a world where it can be said that everything is energy, should we not ask -- what is energetically going on and how are we energetically living?

The fact of the matter is the fact that we are energetically in very, very different times to what we have been in before. In a world where it can be incontrovertibly said that ‘everything is energy’, one needs to pay deep and careful attention when one reads that -- energetically the game has changed completely. Of course, one has every right to choose to deny and or ignore Serge’s teachings that – ‘all life is about energy and that all of it is BECAUSE OF ENERGY and thus, that life has an energetic factor to adhere to’ but, ‘ignoring the energetic factor does not change the facts when the facts are energetic in a world that unquestionably is all about energy.’

In many respects and resistant and energetically ignorant wordy arguments aside, it is rather simple, the fact is – there has been a change in the way the world’s energetic life-force is on a daily basis. The old terminology, revelation and explanation to all of this can be found in the Ancient Wisdom’s teachings on Kurukshetra … it is all there and, it has all been very clearly said. But let’s be honest, most do not know what the word ‘kurukshetra’ truly is or truly means and those who claim to know are only following interpretations and or re-interpretations that have long deviated well-away from the truth if not, been nothing more than bastardised versions coming from those self-exalted in what can be described as nothing more than ignorance and arrogance rolled into one. No critique is here the intention, but exposing teachings that lead astray is a necessary revelation given that many of the greatest forms of evil can be found in what presents itself as the so-called and so-claimed – ‘divine’, ‘greatest’ or ‘absolute’ truth.

Nonsense, hogwash and or baloney you may say to the energetic truths … if so ---
What has energetic ignorance really brought us?

If we are so smart outside and without using the energetic truths and instead prefer the so-called might or power of our minds/intelligence ---
why then has cancer escalated and not declined in a world that can champion nutritional and exercise knowledge and medical marvels/advancements that are greater than any of its past?

Why have the worldwide heart disease rates not been vanquished instead of them merely being much better controlled?

Yes, by all means, we owe much to medical advancement; there is no question about that and, it/they deserve our temporal championing but, we have not healed our ills, we have only managed to ‘best manage’ them. And that is the point, science and conventional medicine are also ignoring the energetic facts of the ill human spirit-driven life we live in and have lived to-date.

What is the point?

From blaming the world’s current weather trends on global warming, to blaming the cause of cancer on mobile/cell phones, the microwave or an air conditioning unit or alike, we are ever at the mercy of being so very far off the mark if we are persisting on choosing to ignore the energetic facts in a world that contains the immutable truth that ‘everything is energy’. If the academic world is so bright, so scientifically knowing and so intelligently free to think, why have they not presented this fact to us in revelation and with clarity and precision for us to better/truly live our lives free of the emotional turmoil that is the root cause of illness and disease and all of life’s unhappiness and sufferings? Once again, no critique is here intended but, ‘serving mankind in energetic accountability’ should hold our credibility much more than a degree and or PhD that does not get taken away when one is far short of constant common sense if not far short of consistent integrity and human serving accountability.

It does NOT pay to be ignorant of how the world actually operates energetically.

‘Energetic ignorance has long been the cause of our downfall as a race of beings.’ That simple statement will one day be your awakening revelation as it will be the world’s re-awakening call. And, nothing is ever more evident in terms of our real need to get to the energetic truths of life than admitting once and for all the sheer lovelessness that abounds our planet everywhere. That statement grows exponentially in personal relevance when one brings in the fact that love is indeed what every single human being wants and desires most.

We have to all at some point stop and ADMIT if not ask ourselves – 

1.    The bottom line is the fact that all I ever want and desire is love

and … 

2.    If at the start and end of everything, what I want and desire most is to feel love and be loved -- why is it that I do not feel it all of the time and, why is it that few if any truly love me how I knew as a child love was and could be?

There is here no place for ‘hogwash’ or ‘nonsense’, the fact is, when you were young, your greatest craving, even above your favourite drink, custard, cake, donut, spaghetti, mum’s cooking or dad’s BBQ etc etc, was to be loved and or truly met for just being you. Yes, a moment of true love easily vanquished any desire for food or drink. But, and aside from those very few that can energetically say true love was their experience, the reality is that we got recognised for what we did and not for whom we are. Little ‘true’ love was our experience and, think about it -- how can our parents truly love us if they themselves had not been truly loved? In-truth, therefore, and as a result, we have indulged, ingrained and become whatever was needed to get whatever form of recognition and or acceptance came our way. For the majority, life is in-truth all about getting that nod of approval … in whatever form it comes! In view of these facts, one could say that life is really all about love but, the fact is, in denial, we do not make it all about love even though, that is indeed what we want it to be. In denial therefore, we make it about everything else at the expense and to the detriment of our true way of being. But, and pay care-full attention to the following words, in spite of the lovelessness, everyone finds a way to make their version of life a complete success: wealth, poverty, notoriety, celebrity, inconspicuousness, rebellion, crime etc etc are all forms of finding success. Success? Yes, success --- a success-full way of not feeling what you want most (love) and do not have on a daily basis.

Where is the best place to live/reside when one is not feeling the love they know and can feel they want to have?

In one’s head

Come on, admit it: escaping, checking-out and or using the mind to not feel the fact that your body is not full of love is a mastery most learn at a very early age. Admit that and you will be able to admit that the world is almost entirely driven to support you to be in your head/mind in every way as opposed to supporting you to be in your inner-heart … the place you used to be in looking out at the world and, regardless of your age, feeling that you were totally safe and right in what you felt.

You see here how the esoteric knows and thus can easily explain life in full. But the point of this message is not to impress you with esoteric knowledge or its wisdom. It is to let you know the next round of revelation and that is that -- the world is now more energetically fiery than it has ever been. This means a whole lot. Of course, if one lives in one’s head as their source of perception and reality it will/may not mean all that much if much at all but, the energetic fact cannot be changed and, what has been taking place since the first increase of love in the year 2000 is not wise to ignore. Know well that -- just because you can say or claim you do not feel the difference does not mean the change is not affecting you in everyway … ignorance does not arrest energy from its impulse. The increase of illness and disease, the planet’s weather and its movements are all because there is more love, that is, more fiery energy. Note well that it is not the fiery energy that is causing the change/movements and the seeming calamity, but the excessive prana that is clearing as a result of the higher and more abundant light of love. And thus, the planet has to adjust as we all do to the fact that there is now more fiery energy (love) than ever before. The planet, Mother Earth, has to adjust by clearing/discarding all of that which has been pranicly, that is, love-lessly dumped on Her. She does this by clearing with wind and water. She does this by putting a freeze on excess activity. She does this by moving her body (land/tectonic plates) to make way for the expansion that love will create on Her surface. We, in alike energetic fashion, also need to clear/discard the lovelessness (prana) we have inside us to make room for the love that is now pouring in. Since there is no such thing as death in the sense that life ends for good, those who perish are only clearing/discarding and moving-on to clearer more love-able bodies (next incarnations). Yes, no denial is necessary in the sense that on a purely temporal level, the death of our loved ones or anyone is a sad moment. But, remove our need for them and in-turn, their need to make us feel the emotional need, and one will see that they in fact have accepted their path. It is a human condition, fact of our real evolution, that we incarnate to discard our spiritual pranic ways in order to learn to be Soul-full (fiery-love) until such time that we master it and then, in that self-mastery, we come back even more purpose-full to help others get to that state themselves. Of course, we can very easily prolong that process by adding more prana/pranic energy (lovelessness) in each life so that the next one is nothing more than a discarding of the last and the last before that before we can actually get to the lives when we are building forward, that is, where our love is greater than the lovelessness until such time that the lovelessness is almost completely obscured in relation to the fire (love) that is abundant and predominates all expression. This is how it is and, how it has always been and will be until the very last person gets it.

The Ancient or Ageless Wisdom has always provided the explanations for us, but few have ever cared to read or listen, much less adhere to the revelations and teachings choosing instead to make whatever has been successful for them to not feel the energetic truths in their way of pranic existence. Today, the teachings/revelations are much easier to comprehend. This is not because the wording has changed, but because the energy has changed to allow the words to be really heard, that is, much easier to assimilate. And hence, the directness and clarity and ease of the teachings of today in comparison to the teachings that were given by The Hierarchy before the year 2000. Energetically, the true Hierarchical teachings of the past will remain informational, and note well, informational only, for they do not possess the light/fiery-energy of today and thus do not awaken as do the teachings of the New Era, which by new impress, are Hierarchically designed to serve under the energy we are now all under.

And so …

Love has come to town

Your town
(wherever you are in the world)

What are you/we going to do when that love is more energetically abundant than ever before?
Before the year 2000, to be fiery, which is to be in true love, in true joy, in true stillness and in true harmony, required great discipline to connect to and, great clarity to discerningly feel the fact and know that it was not a trickery from the Astral (pranic) Plane. Then, it took even greater esoteric forms of discipline to hold it long enough for one to say they actually lived it. Note here the very deliberate energetic use of the word ‘true’ to define love, joy, stillness and harmony. This is because anyone can use and or claim those words in intended meaning, but only the energetically true meaning gives the ultimate and truly definitive true meaning to any word … forget this not. In regards to what was needed before the year 2000 to actually feel those four notes of Heaven (love/joy/harmony/stillness), the truth is, few ever cared to energetically make sure they were indeed the actual notes from Heaven. Not that the majority intentionally try to make love, joy, stillness and harmony less than they truly are, but the actual truth is – few ever care to know how life truly is so that they will make sure that what is truly true is the energetic truth. It is very easy to claim you love someone or that you have joy or that you are still or in harmony. But, if we live in a world where it is irrefutably and unchangeably all about energy -- how many have actually made an effort to know what indeed is the energetic truth of those words, of those feelings and, of life itself? Come on, admit it, face it, before you read these words, no one has ever put it to you like this and yet, it has always been this way. The fact is, before 1999, no one had thought of bringing the most irrefutable fact into a common everyday way of thought and way of thinking - past, present and future. Yes, the great scientist/physicist Albert Einstein made it more commonly available outside the Ancient Teachings to know that ‘everything is energy’, but neither he nor anyone else before Universal Medicine made it into a temporal relative reality in the sense that – ‘if everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy.’ It is the latter, the ‘BECAUSE’ that needs to be the first point of all of our attention, for it is here that we will find the answers to all of our woes.

What is happening everywhere and where to from here? On the 10th December 2010, at precisely 3pm/15.00h (worldwide time zoned), the world received the first of the three full footprints of the Soul’s Plane unto the temporal life. This is significant and from that date much has and will continue to change by way of escalating the ill in resistance to it or, in stark contrast, further ground/assert one’s Soul-full light in accordance to its fierier impulse.

The last footprint or, descension of the Soul’s Plane unto the Temporal Plane, will occur on the first day of 2012 … as predicted by Universal Medicine in 2004. There is, as predicted, no looking back so to speak, which simply means, if it is not about true love, what is not love will be evidently reflected -- loud and clear. That ‘loud and clear’ will become ‘very’ loud and clear when the second major descension or footprint is released on the 26th day of June 2011 at 4pm/16.00h.

Note that -- the last move by the Soul Plane unto the Temporal Plane will occur at the first split second after midnight on the 31st December 2011 (on the first day of 2012) completing the Plan and thus cementing/earthing the New Era for the next 500 (five hundred) years upon/from which, further releases will be made until the full descension takes place at the end of this current new cycle 2500 years from 2012.

If you read the above revelatory paragraph you will see the full and true meaning and significance of the year 2012 as opposed to the so-called ‘expert’ predictions, Mayan interpretations or likewise of the year 2012. And with that you will see how easily it is to expose those who use knowledge/information and history without any energetic truth or energetic knowledge to know such truth and thus how totally irresponsible they are in their attempts to present it. The fact is, there will be no ‘end to the world’ and no great apocalyptic catastrophe or alike that is any different to what has been so obviously occurring since the year 2000 as predicted by Universal Medicine. What has been occurring will simply continue and, yes, there will be a few alerting adjustments (catastrophes) in major places/cities but the ‘end of the world’ as it has been so pranicly stated is, by all manner of intended expression and hearsay, nothing more than energetically ignorant words.

That said, Universal Medicine has not ever played ball with words that leave one no further informed on a practical level. ‘It is easy to espouse and or comment on the macro scale, but only those who fully understand the macro significance can comment with accuracy on the micro out-play of the macro reverberance.’ This simply means that to accurately identify, understand and comment on the minutiae of everyday life and know in full that it is simply nothing more than an energetic outplay of the consciousness one is aligned to, requires the full knowledge and understanding of the macro energetic outplay, that is, which of the only two consciousnesses available to mankind one is expressing from. And hence, when it is said that there is more fiery-energy (our Soul’s light/love) available than ever before, and that resisting it causes the personal and planetary calamity and or personal upheaval, you have an explanation of the microcosm’s life in reflection to the macrocosm and viceversa.

What does this mean in simpler words?

It means that to resist more love, to resist the fact that your Soul is closer to you than ever before, one has to increase what is not love … in other words, one has to increase loveless expression and loveless behaviour. No, or not sure, you may say. Being more racy in one’s mind, seeking to escape or check-out, increasing alcohol, illicit drugs, distracting yourself with a computer game or alike and or seeking medication as the only solution to your woes are all signs that love is being resisted. And, all of those forms of resistance have dramatically increased since the year 2000 and, they are about to dramatically increase again resulting in more of what has so evidently increased across the planet since early 2000 … more detail need not be given as its outplay has been most evident for all to see if they choose to.

Of course, there is a flip side to this and that is the fact that those who accept, connect and begin to make the necessary changes to adjust and make true what is from their inner-most, will feel the fact that there is more love and that with it there is a new life to be made. No longer does the energy around you favour the prana. It is today more fiery and thus easier to truly heal and or to see what is there to truly see. In fact, there will be many more people who will claim that they will see/understand more and more.

Open your heart to your inner-heart and you will feel in full what all these words mean for yourself, for they all come from a place you equally have inside

Make life from here onwards a life that is energetically aware. Adjust, observe and not absorb, accept what you witness in full, do not react and give yourself permission to feel once again the fact that you are indeed energetically aware of what is happening and what is going on all of the time. If there are issues, deal with them as best as you can and, seek energetically true help from one who knows the difference between prana and fire and between spirit and Soul … this is crucially important as there are many so-called healers/practitioners and the many modalities that they practise that do nothing more than suppress symptoms and issues with a greater force of prana which produce seemingly ‘good’ results only to produce much worse ill conditions/symptoms when the uncleared and added prana resurfaces.

And finally …

Choose life in full knowing that it is about connecting to your Soul and allowing that fiery-light to express in all that you do. Be still, and eventually render naught your spirit so that the light of your Soul is your only impulse. Let go of all beliefs and ideals and listen to what is within you. Make the real and whole you what will live on a daily basis. And then, take that whole being out and let it express, unreservedly.

And remember –

What resides in your inner-most is already complete and awaiting permission to express in full.

And so, in and with that love …

The world is waiting for you, that is --
the real and whole fiery you.

End …

If what you have read has awakened and or touched a place you know is true, let another know.

In Atma and in its service
The forever student,