The New Era’s Message

Dear Students of the Livingness,

Last year’s message is still very active for most. Its message, revelation and healing light is and will continue to be very actively pertinent and thus applicable on many levels for the next 50 years … the first fifty years of the New Era we have all just begun.

That said, all of our past New Year’s messages along with the Livingness Messages are there for study and hence application as one can grasp and make such revelations and Energetic Laws their living way. It is for each and every student to make use of what is on offer as they so choose. And, if the Ageless Wisdom is not to your liking, click on the X, switch it off, close the book, stop reading and walk away and find whatever you choose is right for you. If it is all made up – then let it be the hogwash or the lies you deem it to be. Criticising it will only reveal that it has touched areas you do not want touched.

If you choose to continue --
Enjoy this year’s New Era Message.

From the forever student,
Serge Benhayon


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The New Era Message (Part 1)

The New Era

A new cycle where the consciousness of man will be re-awakened back
to the Science of God as a fact and as a love that is universal by harmony,
by constellation and by all governing Energetic Laws.

It can be said that this year’s message is a message that will be very much alive and relative to and for the next 2600 years (approx.) The subtitle above reveals and foretells it all, and at the same time it reveals little to naught if the reader is not in-line, that is, is not in aligned constellation to the current and ‘new’ energetic forces, radiations and magnetisms that are now the governing forces of the ‘time’ or cycle we are upon.

It needs to be said that we are the only planet where it can be written that ‘some are and some are not aligned’. One can read that as being divisive, arrogant and or rather pompous or, one can read it as the sad and totally unnecessary truth it is. Under the right of Free-Will we can choose to do as we please (seemingly if not under great illusion) whilst we live on a plane of life that was created to support such individualised expressions – expressions that are wayward and off-key to whom we truly are. Yes, separation means a lot to those who choose to seek and grasp its understanding. And so, as it is from the moment the Oneness was given its Universal Right, individuation has been for some, about 12 billion of the original 26 billion, an expression they have chosen to pursue. As a result, consequential only to the fact of the choices made outside the Atmic Aura or light of Oneness, we have the situation where the energetic forces have a differing affect and effect on the many subjects (beings) it permeates. One day, as we move closer to who we truly are, the affect and effect of the forces will be unifying and thus the result one-unified in its expression. At that time, man will know how to harness the Universe and its Divine Light. But, and alas, until that time, we will see the great re-awakening magic to the utterly abhorrent outplay of these energetic forces as each individual, acting as his or her own centre of life, will either react against or respond to them. And thus, expressed accordingly we will see human behaviour … a behaviour that will have great and very immediate affect on the Mothering Planet that so enhouses this plane of life and its evolution back to the form of life we are originally from.

It can be said that – each new cycle brings with it the next dose of re-awakening light or energy. That energy is an energy that permeates throughout our planet, and in response, back to all of the corresponding constellations. It is important to also note that through these ‘outward and in-pouring energies’, all are equally affected. No one is given more and no one is given less. And thus it can be said of these forces (energies) that -- 

As they pour forth and back, they suffuse and hence
individually imbue each and every single one of us in accordance
to our amassed choices under the right of Free-Will.

In simple terms, the outpouring pours out its corresponding impulses. It does this in accordance to all that is taking place in the universe, which in turn is a living outplay of life from all life. With respect to our ‘life’ as we know it thus far as human beings, it just means that we will receive certain energetic forces or oceans of light that will have a very definite affect on us. How that ‘definite affect’ plays out its way or course is again the consequential affect of our amassed choices leading to that point upon which the infusing occurs. 

Before we continue, let us impress the New Era’s message with a revelation as expressed by the author in esoteric Atma --

“Think of time as a measure of the quality of your thoughts, choices
and behaviours returning to their Divine expression.
In sum, time is the measure of the quality of your expressions
as they play-out in a single day, over and over in relation to
their qualities being Divine once again.
In this you will grasp the fact and the need for the cycles of life
as they are given. And with that you will understand
why we orbit around and around the Sun until we get it right or,
as it is esoterically known, until we RETURN
to the Divine Soul we are all originally from.” -- SB

One of the roles that Universal Medicine plays, known to us as a serving impulse, is to present the Energetic Laws we are all under … ‘all’ meaning – human beings/all life and the planet.

Firstly, it needs to be made very clear that these laws are not the opinion, ideal or belief of Universal Medicine and nor are they the way Universal Medicine sees or wants the world to go – i.e. by some form of contrived if not imagined solution to the woes that abound.

It should be considered deeply that these laws are very real and, they cannot be stopped, changed or manipulated to suit any personal or group ideal or belief. Mankind, lives largely in resistance to these laws even though, not a single being can escape them. It is rather ridiculous if not utterly absurd that we live within an unchangeable that provides for us an amazing love-filled Divine life we then refuse and resist to have by the might of ignorance and the might of the arrogance that thinks/believes and holds as an ideal that one or a group know better or different. (As such is the spirit that sought the continuation of the individuated-life in the physical world and thus became the human being.)

If ever there was a point to reflect as to why human life can be so arduous, one can simply say that it is because we live in either direct contrast or in resistance to the Energetic Laws that are there for all life and planetary activity in the Universe. The Energetic Laws themselves are rather simple, beauty-full and very sensible, not to mention how all-encompassing and harmonious they are to the all. Reading these words one can wisely question: why would anyone not live them? And the answer to that is in itself the answer to humanity’s long-lived woes and ever deepening and expanding forms of illness.

The Etheric Spirit impulsed human beings just want to live as they wish, do whatever they desire and or like and, they want if not expect to getaway with all of it as if it all did not affect any other or the planet it is all taking place on. If the truth of life was indeed that we are born and die and have a single life to do/make what we do/make of it etc, then perhaps one could hold that right to be in self as a centralised figure that wants and needs whatever they want and need irrespective of the same right that applies to each and every other of the six billion plus cohabitants not to mention the planet and its living body and all other life it supports. Add to those wishes and wants the complications that arise as a result of what others do to us as they wield their own wishes and desires, and we end up with a wish list that includes –

a. The desire to withdraw and seek comfort and numbness because we have been
    hurt by the desires or needs of others

b. Wanting to fight back and become mean, harsh and or harming as a way
    to protect oneself

c. Seeking pleasure in whatever brings the solutions one thinks are going to be
    the answers, such as –

  1. Pursue a life of wealth building and then use the complications and single-minded drives to distract you from your hurts if not use the money once it is made to buy you the distractions
  2. Find a cushy job and hide – do as much as is necessary to not get fired and use the wages to further cushion your life
  3. Become despondent and unapproachable or just plain angry and that way, you will be left alone or avoided
  4. Hide in the web of social victimhood
  5. Seek a cause to follow and be driven by – there are lots of ‘things’ to save and to be taken by such a cause also takes you away from the real hurts you carry
  6. Seek a criminal way so as to fightback
  7. Use corruption to gain even if it is at the expense of many others … this way you and your family get taken care of
  8. Learn to play music so that you can hide or indulge your unresolved emotions
  9. Play sport so that the body hardens and or better still – compete so that it is all about that and not what is really going on deep inside you
    etc, etc, etc.

d. Finding a religion, a guru, a sect or a cult etc and live under their ideals, beliefs,
    tenets etc … this way you do not have to deal with any of your deep hurts as they will
    provide the answers for you if not absolve and wash all the hurts away

e. Becoming famous or so-called important via the many avenues available ---
    avenues that bring you to be unchallenged by the sycophants that adorn your life

f. And or, seeking the ultimate way to make life your seemingly un-hurting-life
   by using drugs/alcohol and whatever it takes to numb-out the pain that never goes away.

The above list is but a brief summary, points of which describe the centralised way we seek to carve out a life for ourselves irrespective of all others who also live and have their own version of their carved-out-way. Then, there are of course the organisations/ institutions/ religions that can offer you all of the above under the one umbrella. 

The real point here is not for the purpose of critique or judgment but to highlight what most already know but do not themselves highlight when it comes to complaining or seeking answers to one’s ills or woes let alone explain or find the real answers as to why the planet has to buckle to let-off all of that which we impose on it not to mention the human body that has to also endure the same wish-list that so assaults it.

For how long we can continue to insist that we can live in such incongruent ways to the energetic facts of life is again an answer that is dependent upon an age-old and very ill and rather decadent trait (?), and that is – do as you wish regardless of the real damage and affect on others so long as you are not affected or hindered in your own pursuit of self-satisfaction. In other words, continue to indulge the pranic based consciousness that so impulses us until the cataclysms come along as it clearly did in Pompeii and or wait until we have to stop our wayward ways by way of the increase and more severe forms of illness and diseases.

And, typical of the consciousness that controls the current form of intelligence and its assumed knowledgeable thinkers, they have the answers for the planet’s sudden seeming rise in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, storms etc as they do for the rise and rise of our sicknesses – ‘it is not our doing’. Yes –

the microwave and or the overhead wires gave me cancer as does the food I eat give me the cholesterol issue and or the cardio vascular condition I now live with along with the same fabricated wish-list that tells me the planet just decided, all on its own, to put on an earthquake, storm, cyclone, tsunami and blow its volcanic top somewhere just because that is what it randomly does.

And so the ignorance continues -- we do whatever we like, need and or desire and we do it all with no thought that we live in a world that is physically all about energy. And guess what, even those physicists/scientists etc that do know the world is all about energy, do not live the fact and thus, in and with the same irresponsibility, we are not taught to have respect and care as we crucially and vitally need by a way of life that is unchangeably and unquestionably all about energy.

If that futile and rather peculiar human thing of making a ‘New Year’s resolution’ can be made into something of true use, how about we make a New Era’s resolution list that begins with --

All that we do has an impact on EVERYTHING

Of course, the list could contain – ‘let‘s make life all about love first and foremost.’ And so on can the list be designed if one could remain sensible about it. But just the first point is enough really, for it highlights the fact of the Energetic Laws we inescapably live under. If all that we do has an impact on everything, and we are part of that everything, naturally one would choose love first and foremost. You see, if we learnt all about the Energetic Laws, ‘naturally’ we would have no hesitation or reservation in living them. But if we are impulsed to live under a notion that we are free to do as we wish, and we embrace that notion (with the gusto that most do), irrespective of the facts that are always before us (historically undeniable facts), then of course the Energetic Laws become an affront on your views and desires of how life is to be … desires and views that are not based on any energetic facts but solely on the whim of an adopted and deeply embraced set of lies.

Yes, the Etheric Spirit entered the 3rd Dimension (physical life) under false pretences it is far too proud to admit were utterly false and full of illusion. Yes, this separated from Soul character is far too proud to admit it was totally and utterly deceived. A gigantic form of deception that is easy to pull-off if the one you are selling the ‘goods’ to is seeking self as the centre of attention … … … What was that, Serge? Are you saying that I have been living a lie (?) … a complete lie I give my energy to, to make happen and thus sustain, that is, make it the life we only know about, even against all Universal Laws?

Yes, that is exactly what we are saying. It is esoterically called ‘the Illusion’. And, whilst we may have your a-little-opened and perhaps willing-to-hear-the-real-truth attention, let’s make the revelation more telling –

What is today known as the human spirit, that which dwells in the human body upon incarnation, is living the utter lies and pure fabrications it once chose to adopt and has ever since tried desperately to make happen … at any and at all costs.

As our book ‘The Way It Is’ revealed – spiritual pride is a very difficult issue to deal with much less admit. And thus, why it is the last frontier to conquer before any one can know about their true Divine origins.

Yes, there is much to be re-aware of, about, release and heal. And yes, the cycle of us going around and around the Sun until we get it, is a long but Divinely impulsed assured success we will one day appreciate. Of course, and in accordance to and with Energetic Laws, we are the will-full master designers of how we get there, that is, the quality of human life we live whilst we return to the Divine Soul we are originally from.

Moving on:
One can accurately say that – the year that was 2011, is a showcase of all of UniMed’s predictions coming true. In fact, the decade that was 2001 to the end of 2011 was a living treatise of what was predicted. Not that one takes pleasure in announcing or prophesying the rise and rise of illness and disease or the planetary ‘disasters’ as they are commonly but erroneously referred to.

The role of a true Seer is not to be accurate in one’s predictions. Their role is to present, teach and describe with energetic accuracy – the what is. Part of that duty includes the prophetic nature of what ‘the what is’ reveals and from that what it foretells.

There is here a distinction the student ought to understand. A true Seer knows that it is not the end result that constitutes the accuracy. It is the correct energetic reading of ‘the what is’ that holds the key to what is going to happen or not. The accuracy if not the crucial aspect of the foretelling is in the quality of the Seer reading the energetic quality of ‘the what is’ in its relationship to the ‘all there is’ at the time of the reading. Therefore, the end result is determined not by the words said or foretold, but by a series of magnetic outplays. This simply means that the end result will be governed if not determined by the adhering/heeding, aligning and responding to the revelation as stated by the reading of ‘the what is’ OR, by the resistance and rejection of it. Of curious if not major interest to the student is the fact that the accuracy of the foretold disasters that have taken place, including those made in relation to our illness and diseases, are not due to the Seer’s accuracy in predicting the future but rather that the accuracy is delivered by the inaction or reaction to the corrections or healing that are needed. Hence, it is the masses and their collective behaviours that create the predicted possibilities that either fulfil or are changed before they occur.

There is also another factor to contend with in regards to forecasting the future. The key word here is ‘momentum’. A true Seer understands that a reading of ‘the what is’ contains two parts. The first part is the reading of the present as a whole, that is, ‘the what is’ in relation to the ‘all there is’. And the second part is to take into full account all that has led to that point the Seer will hold as being the ‘present’. The energetic reading of the ‘present’ (a moment the Seer feels from his or her Fifth Dimensional standing), takes into account the overall behaviour of humanity or of those in a specific locality/region and the attitude, drive, and intent behind their chosen way of life. This is then accorded time and space, that is, is it a new and introduced behaviour, drive and intent or, is it old and thus a long held series of attitudes and intentions that come from a long-held way of being. In other words, what is the momentum? The latter, the ‘momentums’, are harder to arrest. This means that in many cases, the correction that is called for, that is, the calamity/cataclysm/disaster/rise in illness and disease etc, become the only way to arrest certain behaviours, and or, ask those involved to consider different their ways and intentions of being.

That said, the study at hand brings a far more important point than any revelation about a Seer or what he/she does if in-truth they are a Seer. And thus the importance of the preamble before you –

Human history has shown us that we, ‘we’ meaning the majority, do little to change as we dispel or ignore the very clear signs that are afforded by the rises of illness and disease and, by those offered via our disasters and cataclysms. It is this factor that needs care-full and very dedicated attention. Why the dedicated attention? – Because it is in the rejection/dispelling and or in the resistance to the clear messages, supported by the accurately predicted ills and disasters, that then give-rise to their greater corrective forces, that is, for the ills to become graver and the disasters to get larger/bigger, more vast and frequent as they are magnetically called by the Harmonious Energy we are all magnetically pulled to be in accordance with.

And thus, the ‘corrections’ are all forms of discarding and or healing what does not belong to the all under the Law of Harmony that calibrates the all as one life.

And hence why ‘all that we do has an impact on everything’ is so crucially a needed teaching if not a way of life we need to very quickly re-establish.

It is crucial that these words be studied, adhered to and thus acted on. It is the desire of any true Seer that any reading of a calamitous nature/warning not come true by the correction offered from the reading itself. That said, few true Seers exist let alone the masses willing to listen or change their ways accordingly.

The dilemma is here not in the Seer but in the masses and what they will do with the offering/help when it is indeed available. On that note, much truly good change has already occurred but, much momentum is still to be cleared, for humanity has ignored the offerings of the last era/cycle it was in, choosing instead to continue a loveless path that saw abuse and its many forms increase and spread rather than decrease and isolate to the stubborn few as offered by the energy of the last cycle we have just completed.

The ignorance to what is energetically there for us all to adhere to, and the insistence to make human life that which is impulsed by the spirit as opposed to one’s Soul leads this Seer to conclude this preamble with the following --

By way of concise prophecy -- expect the same if not with increasing intensity, similar to the year that was 2011 for the next 50 years … the first fifty years of the New Era.

And forget not that mankind has the opportunity to correct and adjust or, make far worse and far more intense the needed corrections.

The ‘corrections’ here refereed to are those that relate to where we should be in relation to the cycles that govern our life and the planet we live on. The human race, as a whole, is very much behind where it ought to be. That said, it can be said that certain individuals are not so far behind whilst some are up-to-speed so to speak. A certain few are ahead of time, or, as it should be more accurately stated – have been responsibly adhering to the call and thus have made choices that are not self-centralised or driven by any other light other than that which emanates from their Soul in accordance to the Fiery Plan.


Universal Medicine wishes you a joy-full New Era.

Please make full use of these messages/teachings that are free-of charge for all. And share with any other/s who are ready to consider if not take heed. Universal Medicine, as a unit of service for the impulse it serves, will continue to provide such services as the call permits. 

Consider that this New Year’s message is somewhat special if not monumentally unique by virtue of what it marks. Not only is it a New Year we are entering into, but a New Era or New Cycle.

To assist in this message, it was decided that we use a presented matter from a forth-coming book, ‘An Open Letter To Humanity’. The book is yet to be edited, and it will be released once enough time has been accorded to our most recent release – ‘Esoteric Teachings & Revelations’. 


The New Era Message (Part 2)

An excerpt from ‘An Open Letter To Humanity’ - modified for this purpose:

It is crucially important for all of mankind to understand that we live in and by the order of cycles. If this is not understood, we will continue to miss the whole point of life on Earth. 

For too long we have been made (imposed upon) to perceive that life is lineal: that there is a today, a tomorrow, a next week and a next year along with yesterday being yesterday, last week being last week and that five hundred years ago was something that occurred ‘five hundred years ago’ as if it was a past we leave or has long been left behind.

Whilst it is true that what we physically live is lived and we move on, it is not entirely true that it gets left behind. And nor is it entirely if true at all that it is something that is in the past if we do not truly move on from the energy that made the behaviour/intent/act/thought occur in the first place. And hence, for us to have a lineal measure and or count or account of what happens, we would need to have two factors –

  1. That the energy we do something-in - is completely cleared and not part of our next move – period.
  2. That we live on a time and space-displacement scale that is in fact a physical fixture we leave behind as we move forward by the space created from that fixture as we are propelled by what we call time.

The problem is -- those two above points are not what actually happens. In other words, they are not facts.

The unchangeable fact is that –

  • 1. Everything is energy and therefore everything that occurs is occurring because energy is there making it/allowing it to happen. If the energy that brings a certain intent is not cleared, the next act/thought may not exteriorly (on the surface) be the same action or thought, but that does not mean that the potential or propensity to repeat the act or thought is not there; along with the fact that the energy of it is still contained regardless of the act or thought itself.

This means that in fact, we have not moved on if what was done is something that we need to move on from, that is, if the act/thought/belief/ideal has produced a dissidence, an ill, a war, a murder, a rape, slavery and or corruption etc, and the energy that impulsed that to be is not completely cleared, the same intent and or capacity to repeat the action or thought is carried with us … meaning that in fact -- it is not left behind.

  • 2. By an unchallengeable fact, we do not exist on a planet that propels itself through space from a distant point it has long left behind. We in fact orbit the Sun. As stated, even if it is an obvious, we do not leave any mark or point behind simply because we return to it as we circle the Sun, that is, we pass over the same mark, over and over. Hence, we are circling the Sun and therefore not moving by any lineal measure whatsoever. In other words -- we do not in-truth leave anything behind unless we clear or stop using the energy that caused it to happen.

And there you have it – we do not ever leave anything behind unless it is a form of energy that is not ever called-on or expressed again.

It would seem, by fact and not by imposition, that the occult and esoteric teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are the most accurate teachings on Earth given that all they present fits perfectly with the actual physical facts and, those that are energetically taking place … even if the latter will take the majority of mankind a little longer to re-discover. The latter point in detail aside, the teachings of how -- life is a series of energetic events we have a choice over or are made to have no choice over, makes far more sense than any other teaching given that human life is in fact under an incontrovertible fact that everything is energy.

We ought not to ever stray from the fact
that nothing can take place without energy making it happen.
Such a standing will give mankind the posture
to always remember that even before one thinks
there is an energetic choice to make.

Along with the above given revelation, there must also be more attention paid to the fact that we orbit the Sun, crossing over what we would call a certain yester-year/date over and over, and what that really means in terms of how we see time and age. More on this point will be revealed. Also, and for those that need ‘exactness’ to gratify the need to obscure reality with details, it may be more accurate to say that perhaps there is no ‘exact’ point we cross given that the Earth ‘wobbles’ as it is not a perfect sphere. But even so, that is well beside the revelatory point here offered. And hence, the point of ‘exactness’ in this case pales into utter obscurity; it is a relative insignificance along with any other point one can make that does not relate the fact that -- we are simply just going around in circles and in fact not really going anywhere in terms of physically leaving anything behind … a fact history can attest. This is the point and, it is a very simple point we ought not to forget. But alas, we conveniently do choose to forget; ‘alas’ because it has known ramifications we ignore and thus are at the mercy of repeating behaviours/ideals/beliefs even when they are so deeply devastating to the human race not to mention the planet we live on.

In the book, ‘An Open Letter To Humanity’, a little more on the subject matter as presented above is expanded however, for this message, and the healing purpose it serves, we must expedite the revelation to bring the point into a more immediate and relative conscious awareness. And so we move on further along in the book to bring the following --

If we are to mark a certain point in time, and say that it is the end and or the beginning of a new cycle, it is crucially important that the person making such a declaration knows the relativity of time or cycles to human life. Here, the words if not the term ‘human life’ are used and thus are understood by its whole and complete five dimensional meaning. Therefore, it is truly known when we state what it is we are stating.

The term ‘human life’ is used in and with the understanding that human life is all about the human being re-awakening to the fact that one’s origins are Divine. To best explain and describe if not teach the energetic facts one must employ two (2) energetically true and thus immutable factors. The first factor requires the following twenty (20) points to bring to light the facts that contribute to the overall influencing factor. The second factor will bring in the relevance of time to real life, that is, the detail of human behaviour and its already pre-known destiny. 

Factor 1: The real meaning of human life.

It is to be known that –

1. The first point about human life is to connect or experience the fact that we are more than human beings. And hence, human life is first about re-awakening to the fact that we are much more than just human. A fact that is discovered one by one and, will be eventually discovered by all.

2. Individual experience leads to the next point of human life -- that not only are we much more than just human beings, we are indeed Divine. That word ‘Divine’ needs little explanation for in-truth we all get to experience the fact that we are from a fifth dimensional world. The experience, or how it is felt, varies from person to person but, nonetheless, it is a moment we all get to feel. Every single human being is guaranteed of this experience at least once if not on several occasions in each life unless of course a past series of choices is still too thick in its ignorance of the fact. Rejecting what is felt when the experience is offered by one’s Soul can lead to a further dipping into the 3rd dimensional abyss or, one is set-up to fall for the enticing lure of the 4th Dimensional world – the astral abyss.

3. Hence, and crucially, finding, re-discovering and or re-connecting to even the smallest glimpse of the fact that we are Divine is what needs to occur first. It needs to be said that that indeed can take many, many lifetimes to initially experience if one is very dogged and obedient to those ideals and beliefs that are not from the real plane of Divinity or, it can take an instance if we are given the opportunity when we are not being imposed upon by the same ideals and beliefs that remove the fact from our conscious awareness. However long it takes for each and every one of us, that first glimpse if not realisation that we are more than just human is what is needed … and it will take place for every single person. There is an important revelatory point here that needs to be re-iterated – how long it takes for that first experience to happen is based on how deeply immersed or how deeply invested the incarnating spirit is into the success of human life as idealised by the Astral Consciousness.

4. Thus, every incarnate is offered the fact that we are Divine at least once. And, experiencing that ‘experience’, even for a split moment, is enough to give the fact a taste, for the fact that you are Divine is found within, in our inner-most and therefore, it is not something we can ignore forever. Hence, it can only be ignored whilst we exert effort and thus force to not be aware of the fact. The latter is delivered via the ideals and beliefs that are contrary to the fact.

5. Once the experience is consciously felt, we are presented with a choice: a choice we will perceive is at our conscious fore, even though in-truth it is not. What happens next determines whether one ignores/discounts the experience or, chooses the ‘next step’.

6. The ‘next step’ is to honour what was felt. This means to not discount the fact by succumbing to the many tags we have been labelled with to accept we are or believe-in that do not state or declare that we are indeed Divine. The key to this step is to honour that there is indeed a deeply loving voice within. Step six (6) is therefore, crucially important, for if we do not honour what we have been given to feel, we can either subvert it deeply for yet another ‘undetermined time’ or, infuse, that is, colour/taint the experience with an awaiting pre-determined and deliberate trap. Step seven (7) is therefore split into two possibilities.

7. We can honour the experience that we are more when we feel it from our very still voice within or, we can discount it and choose to be solely human or much worse, we can be lured into pursuing a spirit building path. And thus --

(a) The honouring leads to the ‘next step’ – the pursuit of the possibility that there is indeed a steady loving voice within that does know and understands more than the mind can at that point know. Once again, the key is in the self-honouring or in the honouring of what is deep within versus what the mind will discount or challenge as it not being it because it is not it. (The indwelling spirit is solely driven to be it. This deeply troublesome issue is a long held self-indulgent error and pride the Etheric Spirit will not give-up without a very knowledge-full fight.)

(b) We choose to honour that what we felt was true and thus that we are much more than just human. A major problem then arises when the honouring, that is, when what we felt within is not kept to what is felt within, but overtaken by the mind as to what the experience was. Note the distinct difference in keeping the honouring to - what is felt within – to shifting – what was feltto the mind or to what the mind will make of it.

Of crucial revelatory note: Part (b) reveals if not highlights how one can so easily inaugurate a path that -- honours the fact that we are more than human however, makes it a path that can be very long and deeply treacherous as one is enticed if not hooked into the many spiritual ways and paths that claim to be ‘the way’, ‘the truth’ and the ‘answer’ etc. For some, this ‘spiritual path’ locks them away for many if not countless lives. It should be said here that in the past, a spiritual path was desirable. But, that was a consideration in relation to the very entrenched human being who thought that he/she was only made of flesh and nothing else. It was the Master Jesus who inaugurated the last cycle we have just completed. He gave us evidence when he stated in one of his teachings that he was ‘the alpha and the omega, the first and the last' – meaning that he was the start and the end, that is, that his Christ inauguration ended with the end of the Piscean Era, making way for the Second Coming and the new Christ Light. (Note here that the word ‘Christ’ is being used in its primary esoteric meaning – ‘the light of the Soul in oneness expression’).

Crucial revelation -- when an untrained mind is used, the mind up until that point is the mind as used by the character (spirit) that created the human being. And thus it is the protector of its creation/investment and therefore, it is an impulsed mind that holds the strong invested interests in making human-life work/operate in accordance with the spirit’s ideals. These heavily committed to ‘ideals’, ideals that reflect back to the spirit how clever/smart or supposedly divine it is, are deeply held, invested-in, protected and fiercely defended. The spirit still wants to be identified as being Divine, even if it will not admit its separation from it. And hence, its enormous pride, a pride that also defends the illusion the spirit loathes to admit it is totally and utterly taken by.

Note – in the case where one chooses to honour what is felt within and does not succumb to the dominance of the spirit controlled mind, it is an initial struggle to hold true what one feels deep within versus all the self-claimed experts and pundits of sorts that will have the so-called ‘right knowledge’ that in-truth vexes against the inner-most. Thus, true self-honouring is the key, for if not, the spiritual might begins to develop … a deeply self-imprisoning state of assumed knowledge and truth. Therefore, the strength and conviction to keeping the inner-most as the leading impulse over the mind is in each and every incarnation an act or impulse that carries on … meaning – that it is a karmic-choice (behaviour) that follows its momentum. 

8. One either spends much time re-covering from the spiritual pursuit or, is struggling to honour the inner-most against all in this world that says not to. Again, this can take a whole lifetime if not several. But note that there is in-truth no neutral place of abeyance, for in that struggle is the uncommitted glamour that holds tightly the imprisoning illusion … in other words, whilst one is not fully committed to their inner-most, they are in fact being pranic -- astrally led … and thus a puppet of the Astral Plan.

9. Re-connecting or, ‘feeling again’ that deep, deep essence that holds an unwavering power-full stillness. This time round, one is not willing to let it go so easily again. And thus …

10. It is then a process of discovering why we separated from it to pursue a life outside the Divine expression.

11. The understanding of why we separated will give one/us the understanding of the consciousness behind that which came to be human.

12. With the knowledge of why we eventually became human, we will know what to do to stop that drive and thus all the ideals and beliefs that come with that pursuit.

13. Since there are no ideals or beliefs in Divinity, we will discover that the part that separated from the Divine carries certain ideals it is driven to exercise or impose to make the point it started-out to make … the idealistic pledge it fell for.

14. It is here that we discover that -- the human being was created by a powerful etheric knowing and wielding spirit, whose venture into the carnal-life (physical form) was a process of manipulation and force over the third dimensional elements …  ‘elements’ that belong to Divinity and its Cosmic order/laws and thus the spirit’s deeply held rage that it cannot control 3rd Dimensional life, even though, it is forcefully driven by its own pride to keep trying.

Crucial revelation – when the Etheric Spirit made/created for itself a human vehicle, it did so by entering a sphere of life it did not create. Hence, it, in its driven self-indulgence, omitted to see that planet Earth is/was, as are all planets, a creation of Logoic life. This is/was the first act of illusion or ‘blind act’ as it is at times occultly referred to. What does this revelation tell us? It simply reveals the fact that -- the ‘created new physical body’ (the new vehicle for the spirit’s own version of expression) is made of and thus belongs to Logoic (Divine) impulses. And thus, the human physical body is eternally a subject of and to all Divine Laws. This is why the Astral Consciousness, the consciousness that owns the spirit by its own choice to be owned by it, is so deeply driven to want to change/manipulate/influence/ genetically modify and constantly alter the human being in order to avoid the reflections and thus the karma of the ill and abuse the human body/mind naturally reflects, for it, belongs to fiery-love and not the Astral ideal and its forces over it.

15. Once this is known, that is, we feel the fact that there is a character that stands in-between the inner-most and you the outer-most real physical human being, there is then the process of arresting the long-lost and very deeply self-deceived character (the human spirit)

16. When the ‘arresting period’ begins, one is left to wonder in utter bewilderment at just how deeply force-full, stubborn, arrogant and ignorant this spirit is willing to be. At first, its ways seem to dominate/win/have the upper hand, but it does not take long to rein-in its incessant seeking of self as the centre of its made-up-universe. And the key to that is -- self-love, self-honouring and thus to choose the inner-most over any mind-full ideal or belief.

17. Once the inner-most is chosen, as ‘the way’, the Soulful Path begins. This is esoterically known as ‘The Path of Return’. The ‘Path of Return’ brings an esoteric form of unfoldment that naturally unfolds one’s universal awareness – the ability to know and read what is energetically taking place. The key here is in the honouring of the awareness, that is, in what is truly felt and not what one overrides.

18. This process, or period of unfoldment, is known as ‘The Path of Initiation’. This is the final path that sets the definite course for the human being to finally arrest the idealistic vagaries and self-deceptions of the Etheric Spirit to once again arrive at the place where one stands impulsed by one’s Soul and not the spirit that separated from it.

19. The Path of Initiation is nothing more than a re-developing period (many lives) of becoming aware of life-forces, consciousness, Divine Laws/order, energy and all that that brings. It is here that one discovers that in-truth, we are actually returning to the Divineness we already are.

20. Once the return occurs or, is in full one’s purpose in life interwoven with human life itself, there is the impulse to return to human life or re-incarnate, but this time not to adorn any astral/spiritual ideal, but to help inspire via the Law of Reflection all those you know are your equal brothers living their Cycle of Return just as you did and at the speed and rate as so determined by the choices that are made for them by the Pranic Consciousness until such time that they re-awaken, feel the inner-most, honour it against all, and thus begin to truly make choices that are not governed by any external force but by the inner fiery-light that eternally dwells within.

And so human life is.


We have above, in clear point form, a complete representation of what so many seek, a so-called if not assumed mystery that has eluded the limited and foreboding spiritually governed ‘human’ mind.

And thus, the real twofold meaning of human life –

  1. To re-connect to the fact that we come from a Divine Realm and hence are already living omnipotent beings of Cosmic Laws
  2. That the way of human life is to be lived in, by and with the Divine expression, with all of its all-knowing Energetic laws, until such time that all human beings re-awaken and thus re-connect to the immutable Ageless Truth.

Factor 2: The real meaning and relevance of time.

Traditionally, if such a word can be used to denote a globally accepted way, we have come to use the dictated Gregorian calendar from the Roman dictated Julian calendar (derived by/from around the time of Julius Caesar). Long before the Julian calendar came into imposed use, most Romans relied on pagan versions of the lunar cycle to count time/months whilst the Egyptians long held the Solar year as their method of timekeeping.

The purpose here is not for historical or topical discussion. Instead, there is an all-important point that human life must bring to the conscious fore of all of its adherents. ‘Factor 1’ very much brings the known into a certain purpose if not pre-designed purpose that we are under. ‘Factor 2’ introduces if not re-acquaints with an ageless truth -- the Cosmic re-design of human life under Universal cycles in relation to Dimensional time.  But before we get to the intrinsic interdependence of Factors 1 & 2, we must expose the energetic consciousness that imposes if not influences a deeply erroneous perception … a perception that leads to, influences and supports self-abuse and or the abuse of the masses by those that wield the misconception and or the error-full-perception.

It is to be understood that both the Julian and the Gregorian calendars were not in-truth inaugurated for the purpose of accuracy, that is, to accurately portray and represent real time, and much less, the cycles we live in. Instead, they are calendar systems that impose in order to keep blind and thus control those that it suits to be controlled.

Energetically, those two calendars were introduced to impose, that is, to suit the political whim of the day, and hence not to bring relative and true understanding to human life. This is an important point. Yes, the Gregorian calendar is closest to the actual turn of physical events, as in, Earth’s orbital relationship with the Sun, noting that the Julian calendar was a modified adaptation that was not quite as accurate. The important point is the energetic fact that neither calendar was instilled for the purpose of mathematical, astrological or astronomical accuracy or respect, but to suit a series of dates and perceptions that were politically desired. And hence, the institutionalising of a ‘calendar’ system that portrayed a convenient form of control, in-truth, a contrived utterly false perception. Furthermore, the Egyptians long ago respected the facts of our planet in relation to the Sun and other planets/stars but later, under pharaoh rule, they too were not short of their own form of political capriciousness and astral re-interpretation. We also know of other cultures that used their calendar as a form of agricultural respect if not rule as well as how the Mayans foretold of cycles as did the Hopi Indian tribes. Again, this is not a history lesson or account. The purpose of these words is to preface a most important point.

And what is the all-important point?

It is crucially important to note that -- the drive, and thus the consciousness behind the Julian and also the Gregorian calendar (the one we use today) is to count days, months and years to denote if not impose over those who choose to be conveniently ignorant about time … more pertinently -- that time is a lineal measurement.

The imposition is deliberately twofold. In the first instance, a lineal count of time means that the drive or purpose is nothing more than to account for what has happened, as in yesterday, last year or five hundred years ago. This means that if an organisation/institution wants to dispel the past they can do so by according the passage of time to it, that is, a perception of – that was then and this is now – as if what occurred was no longer relevant. This is how the lineal use of time and dating are wielded when one asks about the past; and especially when what is asked is rather exposing of the history of the institution under inquiry.

The second purpose behind the imposition was to note who is or was in power, who is to be in power, for how long and to keep track of history so that it can be wielded against new-comers as some form of might that is supported by time or longevity, meaning, if not further ill imposing that -- accuracy or truth is in favour of those who are here the longest. As a simple example, this type of wielded pride-full arrogance can be seen when one challenges Chinese Medicine … particularly the acupuncture points and the assumed meridians they lie on. The proponents will discount any rationale or exposing inquiry, choosing instead to be cushioned by ‘tradition’, that is, the number of years in use/practice, which do nothing to support or answer the obvious array of anomalies and incongruent suppositions they use as the basis of their truth. Take the time to consider how – ‘tenure in office’ –– is conveniently wielded by certain organisations and institutions. Upon real inquiry, you will find a means that is used to avoid proper explanation of their actions and or beliefs etc.

That simple example aside, revealing as it is, the point here is not to antagonise, but to expose the fact that the use of counting time (the common use or reference to a calendar system), as it being a lineal event, has been abused. It is an abuse that is easily seen when one challenges from any current time versus what stands before us. Hence its twofold effect –

Not only is longevity of tenure used as a force or might that is above questioning or challenge, when it suits, an organisation/institution uses the lineal assumption of time to brush aside the past as if it no longer had any bearing.

And thus, the imposed lineal keeping of time is also a form of abuse that hides true history … a suitable if not convenient brushing aside of facts that are used to show how one or an institution/organisation is still around and thus, ‘they must be good or true’. As is the case in some long-standing institutions or organisations, the ‘good’ they champion of themselves today, is punctuated by an un-erasable history of savagery, debauchery and criminality.

We ought not to brush aside true facts in favour of convenient ones,
for 20th and or 21st century corruption has many new faces
we may not see are the same old ones
if we ignore the unchanged characteristics that found certain institutions.

Do you understand what is thus far revealed?

Once again – the use of and the imposed supposition if not perception of tracking time by an erroneously perceived lineal calendar system is not really to mark time but a system that is used to wield a convenient form of accounting history. Hence the very convenient twofold wielded effect –

  1. To demonstrate time in office or time in power or rule so as to impose that longevity gives an entitlement of know-how or greater knowledge over any one lesser in age, especially if one is deemed a ‘new-comer’ versus organisational longevity.
  2. Should one question or challenge the war-like ways, criminality, or utter corruption of one’s historical past, the lineal manner in which time and the use of our calendar is wielded, allows the organisation/institution to discount and thus distance itself/ themselves by the passage of lineally perceived time, that is, the -- ‘that was then this is now’ excuse.

Do you get it or are you not grasping what this all actually means and thus how it has been used by those who can by will and intent abuse, and get away with it?

And thus to the revelation on offer –

Regardless of what calendar we use, it is important to note, as a matter of un-changeable and thus indubitable facts, that we are not part of any lineal system, for we go around and around the Sun … coming back to almost the same spot each and every year.

The actual facts are very clear –

Five hundred years ago is a point in relative space and time, that is, it is a point or mark we have repeated if not crossed/passed, over and over, five hundred times.

Think of time as it being no different to the merry-go-round children with their parents ride on at an amusement park.

Yes, ‘five hundred years ago’ means –

Five hundred times around the same point.

It is not, as the lineal imposition has one’s consciousness dominated to think of it
as it being in the past and long forgotten but a point we come back to –
over and over again and again.


And so -- what is the whole purpose of this message?

If we are to combine the real purpose of human life, with how time actually works, it will make perfect and absolute sense that we are here until we ‘get it right’.

No one is here being asked to blindly accept or adopt what is here written. Just consider what is presented as it is all that we ask of what we present.

And thus, consider the presented teachings from the Ageless Wisdom. They present that the real purpose behind human life is to re-discover that we are in fact Divine, and thus that we are here to RETURN to that way of being. Combine that with the fact that all we are doing is just going around in circles … orbiting the Sun -- endlessly.

We do not travel in a line from a fixed point into the future, as most perceive time and its form of dating to be. We ought to all stop and consider this unalterable fact. We go around in circles as we orbit the Sun. No excuse here for the constant reiteration. It is just that most do not stop to consider the facts and then relate them to any meaning-full purpose let alone to the fact itself -- that we are just going around and around; meaning that the future is only relative to us as we evolve in consciousness and not moving or counting dates and relating them to what we have or have not compared to an earlier so-assumed time.

And therefore –

The ‘future’ is not some place or time we are travelling towards, and neither is the ‘past’ some place or time we have left behind, for we have crossed the same point, over and over, calling the point that is to come ‘the future’ and calling it ‘the past’ once we travel past it, only to call it ‘the future’ again once the same point is passed. 

It is for this reason that we released the following revelation –

“Think of time as a measure of the quality of your thoughts, choices
and behaviours returning to their Divine expression.
In sum, time is the measure of the quality of your expressions
as they play-out in a single day, over and over,
in relation to their qualities being Divine once again.
In this, you will grasp the fact and the need for the cycles of life as they are given.
And with that you will understand why we orbit around and around the Sun
until we get it right or, as it is esoterically known,
until we RETURN to the Divine Soul we are all originally from.” -- SB

Going forward into the new 2600 year cycle we have just begun
It is important to consider if not study what has been presented for you to at least entertain if not, as it is said, consider and or study.

Before the teachings of Universal Medicine and this particular revelation/message, Humanity has stood, admitted or not, by and under a form of life that is imposed upon us from birth. The human race is dominated by a certain array of ideals and beliefs to an almost exclusive point whereby it is the only way with no other way seemingly or readily available … at least not to the masses. This way of being, understood as a way of life, comes largely from a form of education that is generally adopted across all nations. It is a system of education that considers itself advanced, knowledgeable and intelligent, and yet -- it does not make education relative to real human life.

Meanwhile, and under the authorities our form of education produces, that is, those ‘in the know’ who rule it are all made by the system itself; there is here a way for a way of corruption to get by and make its ill-way acceptable.

Note that -- the use of the word ‘corruption’ here is relative to how the human being actually lives in relation to our general knowledge and thus ease of ability to know who we truly are. Note also the reference to ‘general knowledge’ meaning – how we are educated to understand the real meaning of life, and its real everyday living important details.

For some, the word ‘corruption’ may be too strong or offensive. But it is not, for its use here is very pertinent and detailed by the fact that we are not educated to live towards being Divine, in the true meaning of that word, and not coloured or tainted by the current forms of religion. And we are not educated to understand how life is to be truly lived in relation to the real facts that stand before us all.

The word corruption will be made very clear as one re-discovers certain truths about life. That re-discovery, for we are in-truth returning to who we truly are, will reveal how what we have been taught, at many levels, is actually a blinding of you knowing who you truly are. From a 4th Dimensional perspective, no human being can actually be blamed for this, but plenty can and do carry its very thick karma for being part of the delivery of a lie that hides the Energetic Truths. Such pundits hide in systems that provide a rewarding and rather cushy existence, further rewarding loyalty to the system … we speak here of a grander scheme of astral reward and not just of the carnal based education or religious systems as most would know them from our 3rd Dimensional life.

And so it needs to be said, and in time, when we get around to it (pun intended), we will all know what this all means … once again.

The corruption of human life – the oldest form of corruption:
If we were to fast-track the reader/student/student-to-be, we could start by stating that – having the authority state what words mean, leads to the vast, deep and thorough corruption of human life. This needs to be understood from the point of view of it not being critical but exposing of the real facts as they relate to real human behaviour and thus real human every-day life.

And hence, it will be known to you that - those who control the meaning of words, control the quality of life. And equally or likewise, it can be said that -- corruption is made legal and ‘mass-acceptable’ by the manipulation of the meaning of words. It is a form of corruption that we learn under the religious and educational systems we currently have worldwide. Substitute the word ‘bribe’ for donation. Substitute the act of bribing and call it a ‘political donation’. Call the one bribing a lobbyist and they are within the Law to bribe. There are no legal means to bribe the police force but there are for political parties. The Catholic Church used to sell pardons … it amassed great wealth doing so; in affect it was bribe, a very clear one as it bribed its way to cheap if not free labour. And so on and so on.

You disagree/agree? … Or you just don’t fully understand?

Once again, there is not an ounce of critique here, energetically said. There is only the stating of the facts as understood from an energetic point of view and in relation to how life truly works and, is truly all about. If you still see critique, you are not yet ready to release certain vices and needs that cushion, hide and or numb the many issues most have to endure without knowing that they do not have to be in the ill situation they are ‘forced’ to live in and by.

If you are not yet ready to see the whole intricate real picture in relation to the greater truths we are not given/taught much less allowed to readily access or know, then it is for you not time and thus you can walk away and dismiss what is here presented. Or, you can continue reading if you are open to the possibility of this being the energetic truth.

For those who choose to be ready –

Consider the fact that -- we teach kids to read, write, spell, divide, multiply, add and subtract etc, but do not teach them about the real ill consequences of not deeply caring and nurturing themselves.

As the author has presented –

“As a general indictment of our human race, it can be said that we think nothing of those
that can sit at their work-desk and make sure that they make no spelling mistakes or
errors in their numbers whilst they pile on weight each day, and or slip deeper and farther
away into some mental abyss we then call depression not to mention all the other
afflictions we amass whilst we make sure we do the job right, deliver the right essay,
the correct ‘homework’ etc, all of which is outside of ourselves with little if but at times
naught true care towards what really matters and makes
the human being be who they truly are.”

And so, why is it that we have a system of life that is all about what we do and not about who we truly are?

Is there something we are trying to hide, avoid or are ‘scared’ to see or admit?

Why do we just accept that what we do is all that matters whilst our bodies and our mental state of being erode?

The tallest skyscraper is not going to cure cancer or our exorbitant heart disease rates. And neither is the fastest train or the biggest ship going to help those with depression and or chronic fatigue. And yet, those ‘things’ apparently advance or expand whilst the human being carries the ills in their bodies. 

Excuse the use of a quip here but it needs to be said this way –

What has the fastest growth rate – the speed of the next and latest computer processor or the number of diagnosed diabetics? 

Why do we so easily accept it, without a real and meaning-full look at how we actually live, when the World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that we are to have a 60% increase in diabetes?

  • They (WHO) project a global rise of 60% to occur in the years 1995 – 2030. Some countries, such as Canada, have already surpassed the WHO’s projected figures.
  • According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – there are 800 000 Australians with diabetes. ‘Australia’s population as of January 2012 -- 22 804 097’ - ABS. ‘Around 1 in 25 Australians have diabetes. This is up from 1 in 40 in 1995’ - ABS

We have here not included the rise and rise of cancer or ill mental health and the still far too high commonness of heart disease. Then add all those other indispositions such as lymphedema, macular degeneration, the rise of tooth decay - despite the story we got sold about fluoride in household water, high blood pressure, bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the inordinate rise of Coeliac Disease, obesity still growing despite the plethora of diet gurus and widespread nutritional information, sleeplessness, sleep apnoea, psychosis and the real rates of suicide to name but a small few of the multiple array of debilities and other incapacities that humans live with on a daily basis. 

How do such ills become so acceptable and, rather revealingly, eventually common for a race of beings that proclaim themselves far superior and far more intelligent than any other living species on their planet?

Every other species on the planet evolves to eradicate whatever is a hindrance/debilit/ obstruction or an ill to their way of life and survival. The human being puts enormous effort into living with them, as if by abating their symptoms they will go away.
But go away they do not.

And so, we are left to sensibly consider the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, if not at least entertain the possibility that it may just be the truth we have been not allowed to so easily access.

All considered, and no excuses or realities held back,
human life is indeed very needing of some re-calculation if not
a re-setting of what in-truth it is all about.

A true account of history, un-coloured by any scholar or historian, clearly shows that we go around and around the Sun, year after year after year, and still repeat the same ills and atrocities that clearly demonstrate are not good for our species.

And, with all the ailments and sicknesses that abound,
we still do not consider certain other forms of illness as being forms of illness;
like the great illness of corruption.

If an illness and or disease retards, then surely
we can learn to understand and thus accept that
corruption is an illness to the human race in no different terms
as is cancer or heart disease.

We are still so very much affected by the extremely deceptive and widespread levels of corruption that have not ever decreased … in spite of the facts that they deeply retard and not progress mankind. We use our so-called intelligence to mask corruption by providing terms and words that provide legal avenues through which to increase and spread its use.

The understanding of what constitutes corruption needs to move on from its isolated if not convenient perception that it is just about gambling, ‘racketeering’, fixing sporting events or an underhanded bribe to get a personal result etc.

Corruption ill affects the human race.
And, it is used to deeply ill affect the human race.

  • It is pure and utter corruption to the human race to lace cigarettes with addiction enhancing chemicals.
  • It is equally corrupt to allow for them to be legally sold.
  • It is an abhorrent use of sheer corruption to the human race to allow so many so-called experts/academics/scientists to fiddle/fudge figures to achieve whatever results they desire on data that will get them the fame and fortune/reward they desire.
  • And, it is absolute corruption of and to the human race to use the premise of being a religion to avoid being accountable for any type of criminal activity, and or, use the name of God to murder or go to war.

* Much, much more can be said/written, suffice to say that the above four points
   bring to the light the very obvious not seen as a form of corruption before. 

Whether it is a long list or a short list, the question still remains –

How is that we can so easily allow such absurd detriments to just be, as if -- that is the way of human life?

Perhaps it is true that we are to go around and around
until we see the whole truth.

It does not, or, it will not take long before many more will subscribe if not accept in full that we are here going around the Sun, endlessly, until we get it right. And ‘right’ we will one day get it. But before that day/time comes, much unnecessary suffering will continue whilst we sit back and allow what we deeply know is not true to just be the way it is.

In the case where a race of beings have allowed the widespread use of –
that which is ill to its kind – to become so decadent and so profuse,
calamity and or cataclysms become an unrecognised ally.

We ought not to forget that the planet Earth belongs to a Universal order that has harmony, and the constellation thereof, to adhere to in full. The true meaning of Free-Will ought to be studied in its true meaning, for we cannot just do as we please, as we do under the notion we have been so erroneously engulfed-in. Perhaps we need to suffer deeper and more profusely before we arise out of the many numbing tools and substances we use to avoid the fact that we are already deeply suffering, and have been for a very long and unnecessary time.   

Hovering above us, if that term or description can suffice as a simple reminder if not true fact, there are members of the human race who have made it their purpose to bring back the forgotten truths. Many of Them have arisen out of the illusion the human race is engulfed in and by. ‘They’ know. They know all the Energetic Laws and, They know how it is for us in full. It is They/Us/We that have impressed the vehicle of expression known as Universal Medicine. From Us, which includes the Soul of every human being, comes this entire New Era’s message.

The New Era Message – Part 3

We have just entered into a new cycle of life. Other than the misleading and erroneous assumptions of 2012 being the ‘end of time’ or the ‘end of the world’, most do not know that we have just completed a 2015 year cycle and thus are indeed in a new cycle or that there is a series of cycles we live under and, are actually governed by.

The human race is a subject of all Energetic Laws
and the subject of their outplays.

Like it or not, believe in it or not, those two facts cannot be changed. Of course, try, as so many do, we can live in ignorance to the energetic facts and thus be many steps behind what is occurring, as we are in relation to where we could be had we adopted the teachings of those who presented them. Their efforts, although not endorsed by the masses, have not been in vain, for they have provided for many to re-claim who they truly are and thus ascend back to Soul in order to return and serve under its fiery-impulse.

The following revelation, if not continuing revelation about this New Cycle we are in, is presented for the purpose of elucidating. There is no time to explain all the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’. Those answers have been around for many thousands of years and if you missed it, you only have your choices to blame and or to consider why. And when it is said here ‘if you missed it’, it is said knowing that all of it, all the answers, are living within you – in your inner-most. And therefore, ‘missing it’ simply means where you have chosen to live from -- your mind under the impulse of the Etheric Spirit or, from your inner-heart/inner-most, where the esoteric resides in all of us – equally so. 

The new cycle we are now fully-in, has been detailed by Universal Medicine as a ‘running commentary’ since early 2000. Nothing has been held back, even if what is said can be deemed by those who live in energetic ignorance as being ridiculous, absurd, fanatic, fundamentalist or cultish. But then again, and as usual, the critics of the Ageless Wisdom are usually those who assume themselves to be moral defendants of a world that is accepting of its suffering with little offer of any true answers. In-truth, they just use self-gratifying and very limited knowledge to criticise by fabricating in their own minds whatever will offset the truths that get under their skin … truths that expose their level of indulgent irresponsibility and, how deeply they hold and bury their unresolved hurts.

Universal Medicine has not held back regardless of what anyone thinks they think. There is a truth to be told and that truth is not owned by any one but by all of us. That is the oldest truth of all – we are all-knowing of God and the Universal Laws we are inescapably part of. Disregard this truth and we have but human history as a testimony of the consequences.

As we go around and around the Sun, we are able to be placed into or under certain given Energetic Cycles. We speak here of a Grand Plan which the human race has been under and watched-over with respect to Free-Will. Those who watch, do so with an all-knowing. Interfere They do not, for that is against the Energetic Law of Self-Realisation. That said and adhered to in full, there are many other Laws we must operate under. It is these other Laws that we receive enormous unseen help from. That ‘unseen’ help/work is offered, as mentioned earlier, by members of our kind and those who have had full Earth lives and have ascended out of the wheel-of-re-birth to serve from above. It is They who truly help much more than most can for now understand. Without Them, human life would be a type of chaos or a system of Astral impulsed life that would be unfathomable despite all of our known suffering. That is not to say that we have not experienced many versions and or periods under which such a system has had the leading and utterly dominant hand. The periods under certain empires (Persian/Roman etc) and the period known as the ‘Dark Ages’ are good examples of what this would be like along with any form of dictatorship or alike government that has its members seek self as first and foremost and thus well before the real duty to the people they are supposed to represent.

All of that aside, and left for you to feel into, our Elder Brothers do not concern themselves with those who have yet to re-awaken; giving energy to the force of resistance is futile, and besides, in resistance it is the human being who suffers as they are impulsed to resist from a force they have not yet discovered is impulsing them and thus wielding them as its puppet. Instead, our fully re-awakened Brothers occupy their time with adhering to the Universal Laws as they apply to our planet in relation to how we live or live not with them as the leading race of beings that dominates the energetic quality of our reflective constellational force – our reflective quality back to the Cosmos we are part of.

Under the many Energetic Laws we must abide by, and still nurturing the waywardness of the separated spirit as its evolutionary cycle to return to its Divine truth unfolds, our Elder Brothers roll-out certain energetic impresses that help, without interfering, so as to assist our RETURN so that there is not too much calamity or extreme suffering. In fact, what they roll-out, by way of energy, a magnetic pull that helps expedite our return, has saved mankind and the Earth from certain dire events and destitution of a kind we cannot imagine. They are not heroes nor are They saviours. They are servants … serving a certain fiery-impulse They have come to realise in full is the way and the only way of the Universe under Logoic Life. And hence, Their help is of great importance to the human race even if the majority of the human race has yet to know of their existence let alone accept that they exist at all.  

And so, the New Era or, New 2600 year Cycle we have just entered into, is relative to this whole message; relative to and by the revelations and teachings as given/presented by this message and all of Our past messages, books, audios etc, etc. Thus, the relativity comes into display if we consider the plight of how we actually live on a daily basis, coupled with the amassed days we can look back at and see/say were not analogous to a harmonious way of life, to say the least, when one looks at our wars, murders, the genocide of our kind, and the general corruption that pervades and robs us of our otherwise inner-most truth.

One day it will be known and thus said as a truth that -- 

It is the highest level of corruption to teach and make life all about what we do as opposed
to who we truly are. For this type of life, that which makes us who we are by what we do,
makes for the development of the mind as a tool that learns and recalls what it has learnt
instead of the mind being the tool of an all-knowing impulse
that merely expresses all there is to express by the all-knowing impulse itself.

Firstly, ‘that day’, that is, the day that you can stand energetically free to know what corrupts and what does not, is for many, a present every day reality as it is a day that will eventually come around for all. And secondly, the revelation gives us a very clear example of the words ‘not my Will but thine be done’. A meaning that has its roots on an energetic understanding much more than on the life of a great servant who laid them out for us to one day understand for ourselves and thus be likewise impulsed. This revelation is pertinent since this Era or Cycle we have entered into is all about us developing that Soul-full Consciousness where the Will is the Will of the known and chosen fiery energy or fiery-energetic-impulse as opposed to being lived by the Will of an astral or pranic-impulse most do not know they have chosen as their way of life.

Not knowing is our Group Karma.

Not being allowed or given the ease in which to access such knowing is the greatest form of corruption.

In this Era, more will come to know about Soul, spirit, prana, fire, the dominance and influence of the Astral Plane and, who we truly are than in any other cycles or time put together. Whether you come to know it by your own choice or by a calamity or illness that brings you to know it, you will, in your own designed time, come to know the Energetic Truths and the fact of who you truly are. You have 2600 years in which to return to what you already know. Human life is fascinating as it is somewhat absurd when you consider the last sentence.

The New Era is all about a release of energy that will have a greater magnetic pull. A ‘pull’ that will help clear what is not true to who you are and therefore, it is an energetic pull that helps expedite the discarding of the forces that impose and thus influence what you are allowed to think and hence have influence over what you can understand and or know.

The human being, especially those who have invested heavily in making and thus using the mind as a tool of recall so as to create a better life for themselves, loathes to hear that we are impulsed to think, that we are not the free-thinkers we claim and or are led to think we are. That aside, and it being an issue until the teaching/revelation is re-discovered to in fact be the truth, there is much to account for and much real rot to admit to before we can truly begin to want to know the real truth about life.

It is a very unfortunate human condition, brought about by the spirit’s penchant to make human life its divine definition, that we choose to not see the extent of the rot we live in. The ‘rot we live in’ meaning the whole race as one species living on the one planet as a one humanity.

Consider that in Australia, a year on, we rightly commemorated the great Queensland floods that peaked in early 2011 and took the lives of 35 or so people and affected about 200,000 plus others in all. But we very wrongly, as does the human race under the notion of nations, not hold equally the Pakistani floods of 2011 that affected 14 million and killed many, many more not to mention their 2010 floods that killed 1000 people and displaced 21 million out of their homes. Likewise are the floods in Brazil of 2011 that took over 500 lives and the Russian heat wave that took many tens of thousands of lives along with the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami to name but a small example of the ‘corrective forces’ of Mother Earth in a single year. The point? By all means commemorate what is pertinent and local but never should we not equally mention or commemorate all human life as an equal concern. Our news do not give overseas events equal airtime or content in our papers – and we are supposed to be a shrinking global world. Therefore, it is not only wrong, it is very exposing that we choose to not see the whole global story or the world’s real and whole rot … down to each and every household that does not express and live in true love. Why? Because it may just make us ask questions we do not want to hear the truth-full answers to.

Delaying the inevitable that we will return to being the Divine beings we are originally, and still are, will only incur greater forces of resistance. It is these forces that cause our illness and disease and, what we call, rightly or wrongly, ‘climate change’… rightly because it has indeed changed and wrongly because we do not choose to see its real causes – us, in resistance to our Divine truth that causes the planet to correct the mass of ill energy we place upon it.

The New Era is a cycle that will give us the greatest pull back to who we truly are. It will do this more than in any other cycle before this time. That pull is assured by the fact that we have had a major descension occur. The light or energy of the Soul’s Plane is now amongst us. This means that we are pulled (‘tugged’ in simpler parlance) to return to who we truly are. Again, as it was mentioned earlier, the Ageless Wisdom has taught for thousands of years that who we truly are lays within – in our inner-most where the esoteric resides. It is the place the Master Jesus referred to – “The Kingdom of God is inside you.” As did many hundreds of year earlier the great teacher Patanjali teach us that human life was about re-creating a kingly body, that is, letting the Divine Kingdom that is inside you out so that the human life becomes its way and not the way of the outer forces that otherwise rule it.

And so, the New Era is the Era of the Soul. Not choosing to live the fact may not seem any different to the same choices made before this cycle. But be warned, the pull to be who you truly are is stronger than ever before.

And just in case you are fooled by words that your pranic mind will not let you understand, consider that to be pulled to be who you truly are is a call made by you, the real you and therefore, it is only the character in the middle, the one you have allowed to be you instead of the real and whole you, that is in resistance and hence, will be in the consequences of the life lived not under and by the impulses of your Soul – the real and whole Divine you.

May you enjoy the New Era in the ways that joy will come to you

With Atmic love
Serge Benhayon

~ 2012