Evolution, Summary & Advance - A fit-for-life program for multidimensional living

The series is designed to cover many topics, expand on the teachings and offer insight on the demands and stresses of societal life.


Evolution, Summary and Advance

- A fit-for-life program for multi-dimensional living -

This series of workshops are designed to cover topics of interest, further elucidate and deepen those already presented and discuss the expected evolutionary position in relation to the cycles and ongoing Hierarchical dispensations. Many of the teachings will be revisited and expanded. Of course, many advancing insights will be shared to help accelerate and continue to redefine the intricacies that help develop our way and the fit-for-life disposition we need to not only build but constantly adjust and expand to incorporate the fluctuating ebb and flow of our current societal patterns and the stresses they may impose. 

 # This series of workshops are part of the ongoing facilitator assisting and development program (further details to come).



DATE: Sunday 15th December 2019

INVESTMENT: $95 (incl. GST)

VENUE:  Venue details will be provided upon confirmation of booking

Please bring your own lunch, means of hydration and a pillow/cushion and blanket for your own comfort.


*This event is available to participants who are 18 years and over only*

This series of presentations is part of an ongoing study and is therefore not advisable as an introductory workshop.

Bookings essential. Please log in to your account and book online. Thank you. 


December 15th, 2019 10:00 AM   through   3:00 PM
Phone: +61 2 6624 3706
Investment $ 95.00
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