The Science of Divination

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The Science of Divination

- The practitioner's odyssey -

This course brings greater detail and skill to the use of common and everyday divination. In this course the proficiency is expanded and given broader symbols and skills to expand on the subject.

The key to divination is not about ‘fortune telling’ or to predict the future. Divination is the science that allows us to read and translate our position with regard to the movement of space i.e. the ever-expanding movement of the Universe. In effect, we are, by the nature of the fact that we move, constantly locating ourselves. If we fast track this revelation the immediate inquiry becomes – what exactly does location mean when it appears that we are free to move and thus we can locate ourselves in many places or wherever we choose to move to?

Within the science of divination, the answer to this question offers a very insightful and broad setting to the notion of movement and location. Do we merely move and hence locate or relocate ourselves constantly during the day? Is it about where we travel to or move in the sense of where we choose to live or work? While these forms of movement most certainly produce location in the physical sense it is not quite the meaning of the word ‘location’ with regard to the skill of reading and understanding how our inevitable return to what was communicates back to us our progress. And this is the defining quality of divination – it is the impress of where we hold immaculate Soulful tenure and its constant expansion, and, equally, it is the quality of that immaculate Divine impress communicating and by that offering a solid foundation that allows the expansion to be understood. One face of the Sun holds the future i.e. where we are due to the expansion, while the other face holds true and ageless the original Divine impress.

Divination begins with the impress we each hold before we entered creation. Each impress of this nature has a very pertinent quality and meaning with respect to our true origins.  But that impress, while it holds its unalterable Divine quality, has moved on or it has relocated itself with regard to the ever-expanding nature of space. In other words: not only do we have a marker of pure divinity that holds an unsullied impress of who and what we are, so too has that impress moved to its evolved or expanded quality.

No matter where we move on the planet, we will encounter the property of a sunrise and the property known as a sunset. We may not always see these two features at their birth. And that is in itself also part of the process for in many cases we can be located such that we miss the moment that holds the light of a sunrise and or the cast of the dimmer light that shines its sun-setting hue. In this mix we are also under the view of what is Divine in Heaven and what has been earthed from Heaven. The latter condition asks us to explore certain qualities we hold dear, that is, those we know have an above and beyond quality with regard to the common and especially with regard to the highest standards that creation has set.

As a prerequisite the participant must have completed or have activity with the common and everyday use of Divination. This course will expand on the science so that greater capacity can be brought not only to the exponent of the science but to assist others to understand their location with regard to our path of return, our journey to evolve back to who and what we truly are. 


Friday 15th - Sunday 17th NOVEMBER

NOTEMorning tea included. Please bring your own lunch, means of hydration and a pillow/cushion and blanket for your own comfort.


Prerequisite study: Attendance at a Universal Medicine Retreat in 2019



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November 15th, 2019 4:00 PM   through   November 17th, 2019 3:00 PM
United Kingdom
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