The Science of the Constellation is a vast insight into the building blocks of beingness. It is this science that forms what has been known as a ‘Universal Presence’.



The Science of the Constellations 

- The purpose that forms universal integrity - 

The Science of the Constellation is a vast insight into the building blocks of beingness. It is this science that forms what has been known as a ‘Universal Presence’. Those who know and understand this ancient form of motherly and fatherly impress will know that, depth of character, begins with the way into which we settle the virtues of our beingness. A ‘character’, therefore, will always display the integrities that form and found what we call the nature and essence of a person. 

If we are to describe what we see, sense and experience a human being to be what is it that we would state? More importantly, from where do the qualities that we observe, sense and experience come from? 

It is assumed, and by all means it is our experience, that we are matured by the manner we have been parented and educated. We later add to these benchmarks and conditions our own experience in life as we live through its demands, delights and stresses. However, while we can be shaped by impactful events and minute occurrences, a large portion of what is defined as our character comes from the manner we have been parented and likewise schooled by society’s standards. But what if a set of principles, qualities and integrities came from a greater sphere than the one we dwell on as physical beings? Is it possible that we can ‘look to the stars’ for support, guidance and even leadership? The true answer to this question is a simple no. There is no true support, guidance and especially no leadership that can be derived ‘from the stars’. However, by the nature and science of how energy flows through our bodies, and body being a vehicle of expression that can be aligned to a source of intelligence, we can transfer or precipitate into our being greater qualities and integrities than our current model of life has thus far standardised. And this is where the universal journey begins.   

This is the key to this workshop. It will present the ancient science of the constellations and why it is that man has referred to them by myth and legend as holding symbolism if not fact in the manner of wise behaviour, prudent counsel and intelligence.  

Welcome to an otherworldly world of character building. An odyssey of universal integrity and quality awaits.  


 PREREQUISITE STUDY: Attendance of a Universal Medicine Retreat or Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 4.



DATE: Sunday 3rd FEBRUARY 2019

TiME: 10:00am - 3:00pm (NSW Daylight Saving time) *Registration: 9:00am - 9:50am*

INVESTMENT: $95 (incl. GST)

VENUE:  Venue details to be advised.

Please bring your own lunch, means of hydration and a pillow/cushion and blanket for your own comfort.


*This event is available to participants who are 18 years and over only*

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February 3rd, 2019 10:00 AM   through   3:00 PM
Phone: +61 2 6624 3706
Investment $ 95.00
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