EUROPE, UK RETREAT 2017: The Way of The Livingness – The Cycles of Obedience, the passage towards Dimensional Order

2017 Universal Medicine Retreat EUROPE/UK: The Way of The Livingness – The Cycles of Obedience, the passage towards Dimensional Order (aka: ‘the twelve labours of Hercules’)

Universal Medicine

The Way of The Livingness

The Cycles of Obedience

The passage towards Dimensional Order
(aka: ‘the twelve labours of Hercules’)

2017 UniMed Retreats

Retreat 1: EUROPE/UK – Friday 12th to Tuesday 16th May 2017

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Dear fellow Students,

With great pleasure and in and with anticipated joy we announce the forthcoming Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness Retreats for 2017. The teachings this time round will focus on the Science and thereof the Cycles of Obedience – the willing agreement to make one’s purpose the movement of Celestial Order (Divine Order).

Thematic Introduction: the true and original chronicle that is represented by the icon known as Hercules.
Much has been said and made of the legendary romanised name Hercules or (ancient Greek) Heracles (or in some instances Herakles). From ‘Son of Zeus’ to the ‘kneeling man’ to demigod, to hero, to brute strength, to foible and even to foolish and or stubborn … all these are fables if but yarns or romances that have transmitted throughout the ages in no different terms that such forces have attempted and on many occasions succeeded to cloud the truth and or the symbolic truth and offered teaching that are given to us so as to accelerate our evolution, our path back to Soul. But somewhere in and amongst the pure myth rests or lives a series of movements and teachings that convey much from ‘The Heavens’, our ascended brothers, The Hierarchy.

So deeply obscured and almost entirely lost in myth is the truth of this path of training that in jest it could be said that one needs the so-called strength of Hercules to wrestle through the rigorous obfuscation and the deliberate mystification that surround this great teaching. But no such strength is actually needed. What is required however is an aspiration to understand that we are helped on many levels that are simply ignored, for they are so loving and so grand that we at times feel shame in choosing to act so vigorously against them.

We are poured assistance if not blessings from above.
And yet, we merrily bring out our umbrellas
so as to not get a single drop of such pure love.

Heracles or Hercules simply represents the willing agreement to surrender one’s attraction to creation and instead make sole purpose that which only serves evolution, i.e. the evolution of all back to Soul. In this setting it is recognised that all odds are heavily stacked against this way of being. And so, one must undergo the process, the process of extraction (secession from the enticements of creation) in order to instil commitment, perseverance and ultimate purpose (Divine service). To assist those who choose to embark upon this path ‘The Heavens’ provide the method; and this method and or technique is known as the Cycles of Obedience.

The Cycles of Obedience are a) very particular, for their science pertain to a very personal form of obedience or well-trained relationship with multidimensional order and b) it is a science or series of movements that are rather unique in that it is a cycle or an impulse that is not automatically bestowed or impressed upon as is the usual manner that evolution offers.

One could say that the Cycles of Obedience are not part of the plan or the prerequisites of those who choose the path back to Soul, also known as the Path of Initiations or in its New Era – The Way of Initiation. But nonetheless, they are Heavenly and as such they greatly assist.

On a strictly basic and very practical level it can be said that the Cycles of Obedience help develop self-discipline. However, it is not a form of discipline as most commonly refer to this word.

It can be said that once you know something is truly good for you, and you accept in full all that it brings, and by that all that it does not bring by way of otherwise harm if you had not embraced it, it is not really a discipline to apply or comply with as your whole body or being gladly agrees to the benefits and hence easily obliges. For example: if you constantly get sick and decide to boost your body with Vitamin C or alike herb or herb mix etc and it results in you no longer getting the same ill then it is not considered a discipline in the sense of it being an arduous or unfavourable chore to do what is right for you. In this case the supplements offset the periodical ill that one is attempting to avoid. The same can be said if a stretching routine prevented or alleviated a lower back condition from its crippling and or painful grip. In this instance, and like the taking of the supporting supplements, the ‘stretch routine’ becomes a very welcomed and not laborious part of your life.

In these two basic examples the motivation is clear – we are aroused or driven to include a behaviour that counters if not at least moderates an otherwise much worse situation. It can be said that this is a welcomed discipline. But what happens when the same approach results in an advance that 1) is not necessarily motivated or instigated by the attempt to mitigate an ill condition but nonetheless will do just that, and 2) it is its manner, i.e. the discipline or the obedience that assists many others to equally advance and at the same time can also temper if not clear much of the struggles before them, and yours by its way of being (?). This then is no longer a discipline in the sense of a chore or must-do task to override a form of adversity but a welcomed joy that also brings its wider enhancements. Accordingly, such an act is a deeply welcomed form of obedience if but the impetus is seen as ‘natural duty’ or, as it is the case for the Cycles of Obedience, one’s purpose on behalf of those who have yet to awaken to the fact of the hidden adversaries.

The teaching and the legend:
The true and original story of Hercules begins with the introduction of an Archangel to this world of ours. The Archangel, knowing that our evolution is one of a return to Divinity, senses that to expedite one’s evolution back to Soul, against the great hurdles (‘beasts’ and they being largely hidden adversaries), requires more than this dimension and its suppressed awareness can offer. Hercules knows that it is virtually impossible to break free from creation and its illusion whilst the real hindrances and complications remain concealed from our view: so says Hercules, “eventually man will fight whatever beast comes his or her way if indeed they could sight them, but not so can this inner-strength be commanded and authorised if fellow men are seen as the menace and not the recipient of the forces that encumber and overwhelm”. In other words, Hercules recognises that there is natural apathy to oppose even the worst forms of tyranny if the seeming enemy is likewise flesh, i.e. our fellow kind. He thus sets his sights on showing his kind what is behind all that is taking place.

But, the Law of Free-Will cannot be broken. So Hercules (and in his first incarnation on earth he took on the birth and body of a man) must embody and endure all that is the lack of awareness so as to imprint the needed Science on this plane of life. In doing so, he effectively starts from scratch with no Heavenly assistance or his own Archangel commands. Thus the journey begins; Hercules, an ordinary modest and mild man, attempts to return to Heaven at a time when few cared much less knew that this was our purpose of being on this planet. The task ahead is not original; particularly because a man called Apollo had done it before in a previous era though Apollo’s path and manner of achieving his full return to Soul was not the same as that which this Son of God was about to impress the world with.

However, all is not as simple or as straightforward as one would imagine is the right of any one to choose to return to where in fact they are originally from. Like all of us who, from time to time may embark on and hence undertake the same purpose, Hercules knowingly attracts the ‘beasts’ – the unseen adversaries and machinations that work behind the scenery of physicality, and stand as the dominance and or the guard and caretakers of creation.

But underneath the ordinary man is no ordinary man. The conflict is there as it is in all of us, for we too are all no ordinary human beings. Hercules must thus contend with this flux, his at times Heavenly awareness versus the dominance of his spirit that is temped by and hence attracted to the delights of creation. Nonetheless Hercules is determined, he has seen all that life has to offer and no matter the offering, elegant, extravagant or putrid, his senses communicate a deeper restfulness the world of form cannot offer nor match. How does he learn to encompass and seek that which is rest-full versus the seeming ease he finds in the restlessness – is the real story that leads to the eventual magic that unfolds.

This is not a mere legend or story, this is the real life of an ordinary human being discovering the extraordinary by 1) never discounting it, 2) fighting for it and not, to the best of his ability, against it, and, ultimately, 3) authorising the restfulness, the extraordinary to lead and advance and not be dictated to by the flux, mild or severe, that is the wantonness of the seeming ordinariness that life offers as your ticket to its form of freedom, a prison with no bars, and full of all the splendours imaginable yet utterly empty of all that we are truly from.

The Cycles of Obedience are a training ground for consolidating our Divine or Universal Virtues. To introduce true evolutionary virtues and to advance those that are already in their making, i.e. expediting our Divinity into the human form.

The Cycles of Obedience are a very powerful quality for one to imbue their life with. If we could borrow from the Science of Symbolism and state that much of what we have on earth is a re-interpretation and or a bastardised version of an otherwise Divine virtue then it can be said that, the seeking of ‘sports enhancing’ drugs or supplements so as to give one a mightier if but more powerful carriage within their activity, is the corrupted version of the Cycles of Obedience. And this is a fact; however, for the enquiring student it becomes a question of – why is this so, and how?

The Cycles of Obedience offer a foundation of strength and pliability which help to form what will endure as a consistency against the unseen forces that instil seemingly trivial to wide fluctuations. Unlike sports enhancing drugs etc the Cycles of Obedience remain steady, forever there and not needing any frequent injection to stimulate the advantageous and parallel offering activity.

This Retreat welcomes you to the Stars, constellations that reflect you in the future.



The 2017 Retreats will reveal, and teach the inner and outer workings that form the sciences that make us the living science we all are. Part of that science is to show us that we are in affect experiencing ‘a new beginning towards an old way of being’, and that this is the key behind it all. This is the key to it all.

All of what is about to happen in a bigger way than ever before is all about us returning to a way of being we actually come from. We are not heading towards any spectacular walking-on-water way of life and neither will we levitate or fly unaided in physical bodies etc. The whole point is to bring back into expression the love and one-unity (brotherhood) we already are but have long ago separated from to have an individualistic pranic-impulsed existence. And even though life on Earth, in the immediate future will not seem so, and especially in certain upcoming events, the way of lovelessness and its fervour for individualism have had their final run. And as such, that way of being will cease to be the leading or prevailing way of being. Even if it all will look and seemingly feel more intense than ever before, and will do so for some time yet, underneath the disorderly and tension-filled exterior, will be a burning fire that is unfolding its way back to where it was before the separation took place. Thus, the cold/damp individualism of the past, will slowly and eventually undo itself, making for true unity to be the way.

We are returning to our origins and not really going anywhere.

And, because we live by an order that has us not only living on a planet that spins, giving us the day and night ‘time’ effect, we also live by and within an order that has us revolving around the Sun; an endless orbit and inescapable physical relationship that goes nowhere but around and around whilst it provides a metaphysical relationship that far supersedes the existential order we erroneously assume is the prime or leading way. In simpler words – more is going on than could ever be physically seen.

And therefore, it can be said that –
We are going around in circles until we get it right.

Or …

We are going around in circles until we evolve back to the order we separated from.

The way around:
The Universal Medicine Retreats provide a cycle where and when we can all come together. And in that sharing, experience the living laws and their ways of being that will one-day form life on Earth everywhere. In affect, how we live at the Retreat (during the Retreat) will one day be life on earth.

What’s in store?

The 2017 Retreats will bring many new techniques as well as support those that have already been successful throughout the years. We will learn or, re-learn ---

  1. More about time and space and how they play their perfect roles in assisting us to evolve.
  2. More about the five senses in their energetic out-play and how integral they are in our minute-to-minute daily affairs and actions.
  3. Discover and learn more about the ever present and over-shadowing sixth sense. It is this that the new way of being requires most. Of course, life on Earth has always needed this but now it is of greater focus and of major focus if one is to cope in this new more fiery (love-filled) cycle.
  4. Develop greater techniques on how to use our energetic awareness to know what is truly going on so that no ‘withdrawing’, ‘shut-down’ or ‘numbness’ are damagingly chosen to get through life’s daily pressures and or dilemmas.
  5. Explore further the deeper aspects of Esoteric Psychology (which exposes the spirit’s pranic ways in full) so that each student can become the master over their hitherto self-harming and or unloving behaviours, realised or not.
  6. We will also revisit the Way of the Esoteric Philosopher and bring forth from that way of being the principles that make up the true way of contemplation and applied mental energy so as to open the mind to the impulses of the spherical life instead of to those that come from the imposts that keep the mind imprisoned by individualism and its form of lineal thinking. 

In this series of Retreats, we will, most needingly so, continue to develop further the principles of ‘true family’ or, Brotherhood as the true sages called it. We will experience this through the development of ‘true group work’ and the necessary expressing skills that are required to allow all that to occur.

In addition and, as a very favoured ‘retreat treat’ we will as usual have the morning ritual presentations by Natalie Benhayon and the Esoteric Yoga with Marcia Owen and Vicky Geary. This and much more along with our personally selected cuisine make for a great package of fun, learning and body re-integration.

To experience:

To anyone who has attended our previous Retreats, there can be no doubt whatsoever that group work in the one-unifying way is the only way to reconstruct ourselves back into the Brotherhood (true one family) we are originally from … and in that process develop a trust for humanity that has long been lost. Even if life to-date, as it is known through experience and by historical fact, is not that which we can truly call a one-unified-expression, it is nonetheless a call we must never ever refrain from calling-out to.

In this regard, the 2017 Retreats will feature more such group work along with other skills and revelations that are yet to unfold in order to build towards our new life and way of being that will be energetically required to sustain and withstand the greater order we are being pulled back to be orderly with.

The way forward -- as developing and or advanced students of The Way of The Livingness, we stand to offer a difference – a real and sustainable difference that can be seen, tasted, felt, heard, touched and scented. From those active sensors of life, others will begin to experience that which they know deep within is of equal truth, but have to-date not experienced in themselves or, in another, and thus, have either checked-out in fluctuating distrust or, given-up on in absolute mistrust. The Way of The Livingness holds the key to resurrecting their trust simply by the observation of those who are living what they can see and feel is the natural truth. Therefore, there is an urgency and a clear purpose to arrest oneself from the rigours of a life that is not harmonious, and from that self-resurrection help those who are totally swallowed-up by a dominating ill energy and form of life they no longer are aware is dominating them. This and so much more is in-depth revealed and explained in the book, An Open Letter to Humanity.

The Way of The Livingness

The word ‘way' in the phrase ‘The Way of The Livingness’ stands for a way or form of living that forges forth a being and its expressing vehicle towards their Divine form. In essence, 'the true way' of any one thing or person is the harmonious integration of the esoteric and the exoteric. If these two cannot be expressed and thus lived in true harmony there can be no ‘true way’, for the tangible is because of the intangible, that is, all matter and all physical occurrences are the result of their energetic outplay. Put simply – all that happens in human life is the result of an energy playing out its impulse. It is this factor that the word ‘livingness’ brings with it. The word ‘Livingness’ in its true esoteric meaning denotes a way of being that is all-encompassing. In the livingness everything matters and thus everything is significant, for there is an energy to contend with and know about if what occurs is not that which one chooses to have. This means that – ‘the everything’ is ordered by a knowing that all is a series of constellations that occur either in reflection or in alignment to that which energetically impulses all life to be. And hence ---

If there were a secret to living a truly joy-full life,
it would be to know how to live in the harmony of
physical life and its determining energetic factors.

The point is, there is no secret, it is all rather simple,
practical and very accessible if one is ready to admit that what they have
is not working and therefore, is ready to be open to a truth
they already know but have not been able to connect to.

With all of that in mind, the aim of the Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness Retreats is to arrive at that balance and, in that balance develop the living harmony that will sustain it. Specifically, each student will arrive at his or her own rhythmic harmony (deep balance). This is not to say that one has mastered 'the way', but that one will be able to say that his/her way is steadily developing in true and unfolding light in accordance to all that they are. It is this balance that allows us to make and hold our unique true stead and true headway through life.

EXTRA FEATURES: As usual the Retreats will be full of extra surprises and presentations. We will cover many topics that relate to your personal and group evolution. More on the science of walking will be revealed as well as a host of other pertinent sciences.

Natalie Benhayon – Expanding on the Science of True Movement there will be presentations and experiential exercises to enact the sciences for the benefit of our healing and our path of initiation. Natalie will provide great insights and or expand or make relative those that are age-old and confirming of all that we truly are.

Esoteric Yoga presented by Marcia Owen and Vicky Geary – Esoteric Yoga is a key feature of our Retreats. Esoteric Yoga enables the students to understand the subtleties of the intangible life in physical embodiment. Esoteric Yoga re-activates the lost and ancient true form and style of Yoga as brought forth by the true sages of the past.

Esoteric Psychology – Being the founder and thus a practitioner of Esoteric Medicine, Serge practises and is a teacher of the art of Esoteric Psychology – in the true meaning of those two words. The attending students will receive a deep and comprehensive model and series of exercises that they can develop and have as an ongoing tool towards the unfolding nature of our coming times.

Guest speakers: In addition to the above mentioned features and presenters, there will also be other guest speakers who will offer a variety of differing avenues and expressions of the esoteric life to help us integrate the principles without fuss and with seamless ease. Our ‘guest speakers’ refers to and includes our participants, for inside each and every single one of us resides the master already made.


EUROPE/UK (Somerset, England)

Friday 12th, starting at 4pm to Tuesday 16th MAY 2017, concludes at 4pm
(dinner and celebration will be on the last evening, 16th May)

The Sound Training Centre – (next to The Lighthouse), Tytherington near Frome, Somerset, England

$1685 (AUD) excluding accommodation, airfares and travel to the event

A non-refundable/non-transferable DEPOSIT of $100 is required at the time of booking

Payment has to be received in full by the 31st of JANUARY 2017

Course fees, 4 meals per day and the complete and comprehensive study of The Way of The Livingness, including the tools and skills of Esoteric Philosophy, Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Yoga

Accommodation, airfares, taxes, visas and land transfers


Students are to make their own accommodation arrangements – please act on this as soon as possible to secure a place


The Lighthouse
reception[at] or +44(0)1373 453585

Upper Vobster Farm
Contact Tricia Nicholson and staff


PS: Students travelling from Australia: For many years Universal Medicine and many students have been using the services of Eden Travel (AUSTRALIA); we find their assistance, care, duty and dedication in understanding our travel needs to be of very high quality. Those who have used Eden Travel have all enjoyed a level of service that is in their words second to none. There is no obligation whatsoever to use Eden Travel, however, if you choose to, here are the details for Andrew, Sam and the team: 02 9233 5555,,

More details will be provided once all bookings are finalised.

May 12th, 2017 4:00 PM   through   May 16th, 2017 4:00 PM
Sound Training Centre
Next to The Lighthouse
Tytherington, Frome, Somerset, SOM BA11 5BW
United Kingdom
FULL PAYMENT $ 1,685.00